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So, you obviously own a Citroen/Peugeot. So, you want to upgrade your sound system? You have been so stunned by the price on the Citroen/Peugeot website, you thought eBay was best. Well done, great choice. BUT. It could be a costly mistake if you don't know your Citroens/Peugeots.

Now, in simple terms, this guide only suits the Citroen C2, C3, C3 Pluriel, C4 and C4 Picasso, Peugeot 307/307 cc/307 sw ranges. For the former models, there is a slot situated underneath the existing radio, you know the one, the one where if you put your mobile in it all you get is that interference through the speakers and bugger all fits in it. I couldn't even fit Sunglasses in it.

Well, first trick (and it's harder than it sounds) is to remove that slot. The method I chose was:

1. Remove the radio. Don't unplug the wires just leave it dangling next to your gear nob

2. Pinch the top and bottom of the slot together. The plastic is typically second rate, as the French don't understand quality.

3. Still pinching the top and bottom, reach through where the cd/cassette player was and feel for two thick plastic clips situated half way up on either side of the storage slot. Press and clip the left (or right whatever) until it is completely loose and free to move on its own accord.

4. Repeat with the opposite side. Then, gently remove it. There is an incredibly long pointy plastic end used to fix the unit in place so don't presume that the item is free until it is out.

SO, now that you've removed that slot, there's a gaping hole in your dash. Better fill it then.

Here is the anorak boring complicated jargon talk:

IF, your car is a C2/C3 or C3 Pluriel or 307/sw/cc and registered before the C3's facelift in 2005, you will need:

A BLAUPUNKT IDC A09. This is part of the VAN-CAN system adopted by Citroen and developed to work seemlessly with the Clarion head units usually fitted to the Citroen cars.

IF, your car is a C2/C3/C3 Pluriel/C4/C4 Picasso(Grand) 307/CC/SW AFTER the facelift in 2005, then you will need

A BLAUPUNKT IDC A04 CAN. This is part of the SIEMENS radio range that only work with a CAN-CAN system and therefore can not communicate with the VAN stereos. Think of the VAN-CAN as male and female. Basically, your car stereo is gay. This due to the radio systems being redesigned to fit more stylishly with the interior facelifts now found across the entire range of the C2 and C3 and came just in time to be fitted with the C4 systems. The SIEMENS stereos have all sorts of different codes, but basically, should all work the same.

You can also tell what make your stereo is if you are unsure as the former models are Clarion and by removing the stereo you will find on the side it will read SIEMENS if it is a latter model. These SIEMENS are now fitted from the C2 upto the C4 Picasso and also include the mp3 functions.

You can clearly tell the difference in the two, as the wiring loom is set up differently in both autochanger and in car radio.

The older models adopt a:                                                    And the new models adopt:

|  |  |                                                                                    | | | |

 |  |                                                                                      | | | |

|  |  |

SO. Got that? Clear as mud. Next step is to connect the two. There are clear slots provided in the back of the radio. Clip in and its off to the Citroen garage for you. The Citroen/Peugeot dealership will need to program the on-board computer to show that there is now an autochanger attached to the vehicle. Once done, you are fine. Replacing an existing unit are you? No problem. There is no need to visit the garage.

Oh, and a little advice for you. Don't be smart. Citroen/Peugeot have somehow managed to mate all of the wiring systems together. Replacing the Head Unit (radio in your car) has been known to interfere with:

Remote central locking/Electric windows/Electric Mirrors/Cigar lighter and alarms.

Adding an officially recognised Citroen/Peugeot approved Blaupunkt autochanger does no damage to your car. It also does not void any warranties. You also don't have to notify your insurance companies.

So that is it then. Don't worry about losing your stereo code. Modern Citroen/Peugeots all use a VIN number recognition which means that your car stereo will only work on your car. On eBay, watch out for some unscrupolous sellers. If they are a breakers yard, chances are, you will be okay. There is a very professional seller who I would recommend, but I won't mention names incase I get him/or I in trouble. (His auctions always show his name in white font on a blue background).

I have been through the emotions (normally dissapointment, confusion then rage) when you discover you have bought an incorrect changer. By clicking "yes" below, that will enable this guide to be viewed more easily so others do not make the same mistake. I don't gain anything by you clicking yes, so it is of no benefit, I am merely sharing my experiences with the changer.

I have also had people email me requesting more information, I will try my upmost to help further, but everything that happened with me, I have put in this article. Kindest regards,

Martin :-)

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