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Well, all I can say is BUYER BEWARE. I have bought FIVE SDHC cards from Hong Kong from different sellers and ALL have not been what they said. ALL FIVE cards arrived but NOT ONE had a return address or an item number enclosed. ALL CARDS were NOT class 6 although this was stated in each listing and shown in each picture - two were class 2 and three failed to rate at all. Two sellers agreed to refund but PayPal is of little use when sorting out any disputes with these items.

I won a Transcend card on Auction for £5.20 (yes, I know this sounds cheap especially when you consider it was free P&P but I did sit up till 2.20am to win it) and it duly arrived. It was absolutely useless and I'm sure it was a FAKE. It wouldn't even format in my PC or my Laptop let alone a digital camera or camcorder. I complained and the seller refused to respond. I filed a dispute with PayPal and guess what ? PayPals answer was for me to send the item back by TRACKED mail and the cheapest price for this would have been £6.18.

I pestered the seller direct over a couple of weeks and eventually they responded. After eight e-mails of whaffle suggesting I might be brain dead and that I was putting the card in the wrong way round, had the protect switch in wrong position etc etc, they agreed that if I return it they will make a refund ONLY if they find the card to be faulty.

Given that I am pretty confident the card is a FAKE, what's the chance of them finding it faulty ?

They also added that if the card wasn't found to be faulty, they would be claiming US$6.50 via PayPal for the service of checking it ! These guys want jam on it both sides ! Guess that's all avenues tried and all avenues failed.

Finally, I must stress that IF you are buying a high speed card (anything over class 2) PLEASE DO NOT BUY from China. You will be buying a whole heap of trouble. Spend around three times as much and get it from Amazon or a UK seller instead.



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