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Yes sometimes these things seem really obvious to many but it does not always get the best results. This will save you money and will get a better result than any window cleaning product.

Its an old fashioned method of cleaning your windows that your grandma probably used.

First use a damp cloth if they are dusty or use vinegar & water if really dirty for a non toxic solution (many products are harmful to us & our children).

Finally (which is the most important part) to make those windows sparkle is to use newspaper to dry the windows, using a cloth will smear marks over the glass and with collect the water. The newspaper absorbs the liquid and I must say we do seem to have alot of free papers through the letter box these days.

This is a real winner so get cleaning those conservatory or kitchen windows now!!!

Im sure you will find this really useful next time your cleaning and it also works well on mirrors.

I hope this has been helpful, please press the yes button.

Many Thanks :)

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