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It seems acceptable to me, that if you buy or win an item through ebay. the price you committed to, including the postage, or any insurance etc, is the total price you pay.

How is it then, that when I recently bought 4 nintendo ds lite games from a chap in the US, he added on for good measure an extra £18.99 post & packaging plus insurance which was described as "optional". (above and beyond the already high postage charge)

Im having a right time of it, trying to fight my right to continue to buy these items that I won, but at the right price, not the greatly hiked up rate, this seller has afforded himself.

Ebay,s help centre, so far has advised me to call the USA from England, (at my expense, even though it is the sellers error) Im slowly reaching boiling point.

Has anyone else found themselves in this awkward predicament?

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