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Hi all i have just been having a look on some forums regarding the INTELLISTART 4 and all the problems people are having with them. First of all 80% of all problems with INTELLISTART 4 is an inadiquate tach signal, you must not program this with Cliffnet Wizard it will corupt the system, and you will not be able to recover it you will have to get a new one (so mental note to self don't do it) your best bet is to program the tach through the valet button only. this is very easy to do. step 1 hold down the start button on the velet switch until first beep is heard, step 2 keep holding button untill second beep is heard, step 3 press blanc button 3 times waiting for 3 beep comfirmation, step 4 press start button once wait for beep, step 5 press the padlock button on your remote you should get 2 flashes from indicators to show that tach programming has been accepted. if you only get 1 flash you will need to find better tach pulse. Now the best place to take tach from is number 1 injector, or NEG side of the coil. the last resort is to use a tach generator. once tach programming has given you 2 flash code your done, turn off ignition then restart the car with the key, press G5 G5 DOUBLE STAR on the remote with the engine running, you should then be able to pull the key out with the engine still running, arm the alarm engine should die. press single star on remote engine should start and run for 15 minutes.

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