CODE Drum Heads

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CODE "Law" heads on one of our kits
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CODE "Law" heads on one of our kits

A Review of CODE Drum Heads

CODE now have a very comprehensive range of heads which I attempt to keep in stock at Dave’s Drums Towers !

First up we have the “Honour” range, now renamed “ DNA Clear”, a single ply clear drumhead, great as a light batter head or as a resonant head. Equivalent to an Evans G1 or Remo Ambassador weight head.

The next range is “ DNA Coated” - basically the same head, but with a white coating added, perfect as a jazzy open sounding tom head or as a snare batter head. On the subject of coated heads, I know there has been a lot of chat on forums about coating coming off certain other brands of head, I’ve never had a problem with any CODE heads shedding coating and have never had any complaints from people I’ve sold too, the coating seems to be nicely uniform and very durable.

Third range is the “ Law” series of heads, a single ply clear head with a black top dot. I’ve found these heads to be very easy to use, they look awesome, tune up well and the centre dot slightly damps the head giving a very funky retro look and sound. You will find these heads on a lot of Dave’s drums kits, as they just look so cool.

Next up are the double ply heads. Originally called “Hacker”, these have been reworked and rebranded as the “ Generator” series. A twin ply head with a bonded outer edge similar in sound and construction to the classic Remo Pinstripe head, they give a warm dense tone (great for rock) and have the distinctive rainbow “oil slick” look of most double ply heads (in fact this type are often mistakenly referred to as oil filled heads - this 'oily' effect is actually light splitting between the layers of the heads. If you think about it, oil is not rainbow coloured, what you are seeing on an oil spill is the same thing, light being split and bouncing about on the film of oil. Weirdly enough, the only true oil filled head I know of is the Evans Hydraulic range and they don’t get the rainbow shimmer effect, the oil just clumps together in little patches, and they sound like you’ve put a wet towel over your drums - but I digress!)

" Enigma" bass drum heads are single ply, designed as bass drum resonant heads, with an inner damping ring for a controlled thump. We stock only the black, although I can get white as a special order. 

Lastly we have the specialist “ Zero” and “ Genetic” snare heads, only available in 13” and 14” sizes. These are a reverse dot coated single ply batter and thin clear snare side heads respectively. "Genetic" heads are available normal and heavy weight heads.

I’ve been massively impressed with CODE heads, and whilst I personally find they have slightly less tone than the US made Remo or Evans equivalent they are way better than the Far Eastern Remo or Evans factory heads you get fitted as stock heads to most kits, and at a fraction of the price.

We recently re-headed a kit top and bottom for a customer and the price difference for them in using CODE rather than the Remo heads they had been using was over £120 (the kit was 8", 10", 12", 14" plus 14" snare and a 22" kick). Our customer said he couldn't hear any difference.

Take a look at our CODE items in our eBay store, and do drop us a line if you have any queries.
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