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I thoroughly agree with other collectors who say that we should complain to Merlin Topps about their distribution of this seasons Match Attax cards.I have bought four whole boxes (400 packets)at a cost of £140 and still need 5 Men of the Match cards to complete a set. Add the cost of the binder and odd packets and I have spent £150 on these cards. Hoping that I might get a Viduka card I purchased my first 3 boxes from my local Martins newsagents and, after a 3 week delay,they duly arrived.Disappointingly, there was not one Viduka card in all 3 boxes.However I did make up a basic set of 320 plus 40 star players plus 60 Men of the Match cards but with only 41 different.This left me with 1320 duplicates of common cards.These cards are of little value to anyone and are already going through on ebay at around 2p each and there are millions more floating about that kids cannot get rid of. My second venture was to buy cards direct from Merlin.I found they will only supply 4 Men of the Match cards per order and customers are restricted to just a single order.It took 28 days but 4 cards eventually arrived. Hoping I might get lucky with the remaining cards I needed I bought another box on ebay.--It was a disaster--the whole box only contained 16 M/m cards and only 281 different out of the other 360 cards--an absolute rip-off and an insult to anyone buying the cards.This left me still needing 5 cards and provided me with another 550 useless duplicates. Merlin Topps have created a "black market" in the rarer cards which has been unhealthy for the ordinary collector and for unwitting parents buying packet after packet of cards for kids trying to fill gaps in their collection. I feel Merlin should make an effort to put things right.They should 1)print another 10,000 or so more Viduka cards and bring the price down to a sensible level. 2)Make all men of the match cards available from them in unlimited numbers-if they say the demand is too great they should employ extra staff and meet their paying customers needs.-Treat your customers with the respect they deserve. I shall not touch any of the 129 new cards which came out this March.They are just another money grabbing exercise and if Merlin do next seasons cards in the same format I shall not touch them either.Until collectors and parents make a protest we shall continue to be the sacrifice to profiteering. BEACON26440
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