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Oil pumps produce pressure: Oil pumps produce flow and the resistance to that flow produces pressure. The pressure relief valve limits the maximum pressure but does not do anything until the pressure has reached that point.

The inlet screen will keep debris out of the pump: Some of the new ones will but the majority have a ½ '' ID valve in the center or they have eight 3/16'' x ½ slots around the edge of the screen. The valve or slots are there to allow cold thick oil into the pump. If you use thick oil with new screens, you a good chance of starving the engine of oil and ruining it.

I have low oil pressure, so I'll put in a high pressure pump: The low oil pressure is usually caused by a leak or excessive wear in the engine. If the original pump has a 50 PSI bypass and the engine will not get over 30 PSI, then putting in a pump with a 75 PSI bypass will not change a thing. You will still have 30 PSI. You have to fix the leak or rebuild the engine.

I have low oil pressure, so I'll put in a high volume pump: The high volume pump does not increase the flow so you will have some increase in pressure. However, you still have the original problem of a leak or worn condition. The high volume pump just delays fixing the real problem. High volume pumps are for increased demands on the oil system such as higher RPM usage, racing, remote filters and or coolers, etc.

Oil Pumps

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