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I just thought i'd point this out as i tested this with a "demo" eBay account (one i made up from false details to check this). If you ever, and i mean EVER go onto a listing that suddenly redirects you to sign in without clicking anything (or if you go back it re-directs you instantly again) do not enter a single detail. The page is amde to look identical to the eBay signin page, but in fact it sends your account details to a server that does NOT belong to eBay, so they can hack your details!

I tested this on a "demo" account. I went onto one of these pages and entered the demo account details, sure enough, within a couple of hours, the account was hacked and i couldn't use it.

I can tell you now this is definitely a scam, i've tested it and proved it, and it doesn't only happen on eBay, it can happen on ANY website - so beware!

Just stay safe all!

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