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Simply ask yourself : "If my computer stopped working tomorrow  - would it be a problem to me?"

In reality, if your computer stops working and displays a message on the screen - "Cannot read from Drive C"- or similar, then all your precious data could be gone forever, your favourite family photographs, your inland revenue or business accounts, database, email address book, email history, even saved joke emails will all be gone forever!

If the loss of this data is a problem to you, then you do have a big problem. There are specialist companies that offer to retrieve your data from damaged hard disk drives, but this is expensive & not always guaranteed to work.

A Personal Computer (PC) is a very sophisticated electronic box of tricks. In general they are amazingly reliable, but on occasion they go wrong with a vengeance!

Power problems with the mains supply can occasionally cause  every part of the computer to cease functioning. Thunderstorms are responsible for many major computer failures. Computer power supplies need a constant mains input in order to work correctly. A sudden drop in power or worse - a mains surge can badly damage the delicate electronics within your PC.

The other reason to backup is in case of fire or theft at the computer's location.

The answer, and under the heading of "Disaster Recovery" is a reliable data backup device.

Backup devices range from "USB memory sticks" for the smaller data backup, to large capacity tape drives for a larger amount of data to be backed up. Even a USB external hard disk drive is a good idea, but bear in mind that they are delicate if you propose to take it home every evening. If you drop it on the floor, it may not work!

Microsoft Windows has a built-in utility under "programs- accessories - system tools" called "Backup". This program allows you to select which files you require to back up & also allows an automatic schedule to be set so that the  PC will back itself up every evening at a user pre-set time. (The PC needs to be left switched on of course!)

If you wish to backup your office data, the best way to do it, is to have backup media for each day of the week & each day, take a copy home with you. If the building burns down, or your computers are stolen, then you still have your valuable data. It will take a little time to get up & running again, but that is better than having nothing at all.

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