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I wanted to make a point on people buying and selling computer software.  there has been a lot of people selling products like Macromedia flash 8, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc, for really slashed down prices.  Most of these products are £200+ and people are simply buying them for £5-30 on eBay and if you are then you are buying 99% of teh time illegal copies put onto a CD-RW with a CRACK Serial CODE from websites which turn the product from the 30-day trial you have just installed, into a lifetime program for a tiny fraction of the price.  This is all brilliant seeing how you've just savbed yourself £200 but the simple fact is, its illegal, and although eBay dont always stop these sellers in time, or at all as i have seen recently, DONT buy them, and just because others are selling them, DONT start selling them either becuase you may think its alright to.  This will result in your ebay account being deleted and you wouldnt want that!


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