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I recently sought out some info about purchasing Benefit for my wife on ebay.

I was contacted by someone who knew a great deal about the brand and advised me how to tell a fake from the real thing. I was almost taken in and almost spent a good bit of money in so thought I'd share this info with you.

The first thing was that Benefit do not put obvious large stickers on their products for no purpose. If a product has a large sticker on the packaging, as in product specifics on the bottom or say Coralista blush, sparkly sticker on top. With the boxes it is fake if it does not have anything under the sticker such as product details in another language. Benefit cosmetic packaging such as the blushes and pallettes have the details within the packaging and in the same colour scheme as the product. The packaging has an obvious sheen to it , not matte and will not come loose if the corners or edges are pulled. There will be no loose packaging or paper coming away at the edges. They do not allow the selling of 'factory seconds', any product with damage to the packaging and not meeting their high standards is destroyed.

Benefit packaging is similar to MAC - it will not mark if you gently score your nail down it. If your Benefit box or pallette leave an imprint from your nail, then it likely is fake.

Georgia blush has a distinctive scent of peach to it, fake Georgia brought in from China does not have this. Some Kinda Gorgeous is very cleaverly copied but in many cases a month or so down the line, the make up part will fall out of the compact. The genuine article is very sturdy.

Benefit include how to booklets with may of their products, guides with a distinctive Chinese look to them, the models etc will be fake. Benefit do not maufacture in China. 

Benefit do not wholesale to anyone other than those stores who have paid a great deal for exclusivity such as Boots or Debenhams. They do not sell to private sellers, regardless of the size of their business.

If someone has lots of Benefit ie more than 10, to be the genuine item it must be a lesser selling range, ie not the best sellers eg - Benefit 10, Hello Flawless, Erase Paste, Bad Gal, Dandelion, Throb, Coralista, Georgia, Dallas, Boi-ing, Some Kinda Gorgeous, Benetint (you get the picture) or it is stolen or fake. Benefit protect their products and dislike them being sold on ebay. They encourage the reporting of sellers who seem to have too many of their products.

Benefit can be found genuinely on ebay but it will be a handful, usually purchased during a sale period or the less popular ranges. Even then, the profit margin would be very slim. Do not believe it being purchased in the USA cheaper as it cannot be found much cheaper in the US, it is extremely popular and US buyers shell out for it. Indeed US buyers are also finding out the hard way what is genuine or not.


Lastly, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Remember these products have not met UK safety standards or passed the stringent testing required to be sold in the UK. Items purchased in China do not meet these standards. I have discovered recently just how easy it is to get these products fake and cheap. 12 Dallas blush for £40!!!! So everytime you spend a tenner on one, just imagine how much you may have overpaid for a fake product that cost pennies to make, you thought you were getting a great deal but who is the winner?  If you think you have been sold a fake, take it to your local stockist who will tell you right there and then if its genuine or not, get this in writing, most sales reps are happy to provide this for you. You should not send it back to the seller, instead report it to Paypal who will need to see the proof. Oh and ask questions before you buy. A good seller welcomes questions and will be happy to answer your enquiries.

I hope this can help some of you out there, it certainly helped me.

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