COUNTERFEIT GLOBAL KNIVES - information for the buyer

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This guide is to highlight concerns over the authenticity of Global knives on eBay.

I bought a set off eBay a few years ago, and was so pleased at having bought a real bargain (large set for £200 - about 50% off shop prices!) until they arrived. I have wanted Global chefs knives for years and I could tell straight away that the quality was NOT the standard that Yoshikin pride themselves on. The black indentations on the handle had paint in them - rather than just the metal being a different colour. The knives were sharp, but the blades weren't perfectly symmetrically sharpened... and the weight just wasn't right. Authentic Global knives FEEL right. I contacted the seller, and they (embarrassedly) gave me my money back, and I returned the knives. I was lucky.

Don't make the mistake that I did. Yes - sometimes you get real, great bargains on eBay, but this encounter left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm a firm believer in fairness - the seller had probably paid a tenner for the set in a back street in Hong Kong. It's just not RIGHT to sell with a massive mark-up, and leave a buyer feeling duped, cheated and disappointed. What kind of person does that? Back to the point - I'm sure there are some sellers on eBay who are selling the real thing. If they are genuine, the seller will gladly offer a refund on the grounds of authenticity... and also provide provenance (ie: "I bought these in John Lewis and will include a photocopy of the receipt!"). Unless they offer 100% authenticity guarantee, don't make the mistake that I did.

These are links to the Yoshikin (maker of Global) knife website in Japan about the fakes sold on eBay, the Global knife site in the UK and one more tale of caution.

Sometimes, if you want the real thing, you either pay full whack... or you triple-check your facts before you buy and you land a real bargain. I'd like to think that after reading this review, you'll get a genuine, beautiful, authentic set of Global knives, and it'll make your cooking a pleasure. I hope you get them off eBay from a genuine (nice!) seller, who has INTEGRITY. It's rare these days :)

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