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Crafting is a great way to relax and unwind.  Handmade products also make wonderful gifts.  One of the great things about crafting is that it keeps the kids occupied during the school holidays and weekends.  This guide will give you some great ideas for crafts as well as the products you will need  - most of which we here at knit-purl-moss supply at great prices:

1. Button Jewelry craft.
The kids will simply love this!  Here's how to do it:

You will need:
Buttons (We recommend flat non-shank or concealed shank buttons.  Our acrylic crystal diamante heart shaped buttons would be perfect as they are very twinkly like diamonds).
Elastic thread or stretch cord.

Measure the stretch cord or elastic by holding it around your child's neck, wrist or finger.  Cut a piece approx 6 inches longer than your measurement.

String on a button and tie a small knot to secure about three inches from one end.  (Tip: Threading through both holes will help the button to lay flat).  Continue to do this until you have all the buttons attached.

Tie the two ends together and your project is complete.

2. Personalized pillowcase:
Great for placing on your freshly made bed as a decorative pillow.

You will need:
 Buttons of your choice.
A pillowcase
A sewing needle & thread

First lay your pillowcase out flat and choose how you want your design.  You may choose to spell out your name with buttons or have a single line going down one edge - you may even want to really go to town and have buttons all over.

Once you have decided on your design begin sewing them on.  Remember to loop through the button holes several times to ensure they are securely attached and will not fall off.

3. Decorative photo frame.
You will need:

Buttons (preferably flat - non-shank.)
Craft glue or superglue.
An inexpensive photo frame (usually no more than £2 from a budget shop).

Lay the frame flat.  Choose the buttons you wish to use and how you want to arrange them.  Then start gluing them on!  
Wait until it all dries and your done!

4. Trendy Fridge magnets.

You will need :
Craft glue / superglue
Buttons of your choice. (Ideally non-shank)
Appropriately sized magnets.

Simply choose your button.  Glue the magnet to the back.  Wait for it to dry and then your done.  Quick, easy, fun . funky!

We hope you find these ideas useful.  Please vote as to our helpfulness.
Thank you for reading.
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