CREE LED Lights vs. GE LED Lights

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CREE LED Lights vs. GE LED Lights

Both CREE and GE offer a good selection of LED lighting, and both manufacturers offer consumers some of the best quality household and industrial lighting of all types. LED light quality is largely determinable by the effectiveness of its colour rendering index (CRI). This measures a light's ability to portray colours accurately. Along with running efficiency, the way CREE and GE achieve this outcome differs from each other. Buyers who require top notch LED lighting, whether for domestic or professional reasons, should consult the many listings on eBay.


Colour Rendering Index

Lighting varies as much as it does primarily because of its colour rendering index. Light bulbs with a CRI level that peaks in the 90s should offer both vivid and accurate colour portrayals. Many traditional incandescent lights present colours just as accurately as LED, although far less efficiently. Both CREE and GE LED lights feature bulbs with similarly high levels of CRI. This ensures true colour portrayal in each case.



Leading bulbs by each manufacturer, such as the CREE TW LED and the GE Reveal LED, exhibit some differences that influence the way each performs. The amount of light a bulb produces depends on how many lumens it produces per watt. Higher output rates give brighter lighting. The CREE bulb filters out less of its yellow colour spectrum, creating a slightly yellower light. It compensates for this with a higher lumen output, resulting in a good colour balance. The GE bulb, on the other hand, filters more of its yellow colour spectrum, creating near-perfect colour representation, but has lower lumen output and therefore produces a dimmer light.


Running Efficiency

The efficiency of model-specific lights and bulbs produced by CREE and GE do vary, but of the premium bulbs released by each company, CREE has the greater efficiency. This is because their higher output of lumens per watt can produce more light for the same amount of consumed power.



Value for money on CREE or GE LED lights depend on specific items, but most bulbs sell for much the same price. Different model globes each have their own estimated lifespan, along with an estimated yearly running cost. Both companies offer LED bulbs that last many years with low power consumption, although CREE offers the better deal on value with overall longer guaranteed lifespan.



Both Cree and GE LEDs offer excellent quality lights, with CREE taking a marginal lead on GE in both general performance and running efficiency. With very similar colour handling due to its comparable CRI, buyers simply need to assess which light makes the best choice for them according to their priorities. Purists may argue for GE's slightly superior colour filtration, whilst pragmatists may find CREE's higher lumen output irresistible.

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