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Released approx ten years ago the Crosman Ratcher air rifle now has a huge following, especially with Pest control companys who find the compact Crosman ideal for use in confined spaces,

What makes this model so different from the majority of other guns available? firstly it must surely rate as the lightest most compact air rifle currently available, it is powered by a small CO2 powerlet, this is loaded by removing a threaded cap which is situated just beneath the base of the barrel, once this is done replace the cap and retighten it, this pierces the powerlet charging the gun and gives you around 50 - 60 shots, powerwise you are looking at just above the 9ft lbs mark making the Ratcatcher a medium power gun, ideal for dealing with Rats, Squirrels, and Pigeons, the power of the Ratcatcher is perfect for this as it makes overpenertration by the pellet less likely, killing the prey more cleanly and imparting shock,  the lower power also lessens the chance of damage to property,

The Ratcatchers single stage trigger is factory set perfectly, its bolt action loading is slick and easy and should pose no problems, one thing i would advise is the fitting of a good quality silencer to tame the sharp crack of muzzle blast on the guns discharge, other than that the gun is quiet and recoiless in operation, Would i recommend the Crosman Ratcatcher?...most certainly, i own one!!

GUIDE JULY 2009, By Ken Lambourne.

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