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This is a simple straight forward warning to ebay members rearding items purchased abroad..

Dont assume your getting a cheaper deal by purchasing from sellers out of The UK Ebay site your signed in.

As the majority Of sellers Non Uk. do not state or mention in the listing there is a possible chance youll be paying a CUSTOMS FEE.

This could work in there favour by not mentioning it as ive recently discovered

I Purchased some Bass Strings for 33 pounds Inc postage Of around 6 Pounds.

I waited as it was coming from USA.nothing arrivedf or over 2 weeks.

I contacted the seller and it seemed his responses was very slow which was very frustrating

and questionable after eventually getting a response. He claimed it was sent and to contact my post office which i did to discover i have to pay out 13.pounds and 10 pence!! i complained to seller his response to vage and said its my responsability!

i contact royal mail and reluctantly went to pay for it but to my dismay where it has been left for 7 days the item has gone back to seller! and the dispute i opened with ebay favoured the seller and was closed with NO REFUND.

So. seller has my full 33 pounds and a his item back.! And ebay couldnt careless.

What is happening im so disspointed the stress for a simple transaction occurs so buying away from the UK
can cost you more than you imagine out of pocket and stressed,

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