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Customer service is not there to help sellers and buyers, they are there to protect Ebay.

They will do absolutely nothing to help remedy difficulties, such as being left neg feedback by someone who did not even wait a week  to receive the mint train set, which had taken two hours to pack.
The customer lied when  completing the feedback saying he had waited two weeks for delivery. The set arrived within 8 days, via courier and was despatched the day of the sale.
Customer service will not remove the negative feedback despite the breach of the rules. The customer amended  his initial comments by saying the set had arrived within timescale and to ignore the feedback. Great/Thanks. However the negative feedback remains on my feedback history.

Customer service say I have to arrange with the buyer for the feedback to be removed. Great. The customer does not respond to my Emails, so what can I or you do in this or similar situations. Absolutely nothing. Ebay will not remove the neg feedback under any circumstances and advise it is for the customer, or seller to arrange this between themselves!!!!!!!!!

If you read this you remote controlled computer generated customers service reps, then do something to help genuine Ebayers and do more to protect the likes of me and hundreds of others.

PLEASE SEE THE ARTICLE TO BE PUBLISHED IN JUNE/JULY 2008  by the Independent/Guardian/Observer newspaper group - I have been asked to contribute to this article

Good luck to those who seek help from Dublin?, you will probably be wasting your time.

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