Cable Guide to Identification

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This is a guide to the identification of cables, in it we aim to cover any questions relating to measuring cables and finding out the type of cable required.

The main difference between 33C and 33C supreme cables is the conduit and core. The supreme cable has a larger core and slightly large conduit outside diameter, the tolerenaces internally are closer and as such this reduces the backlash of the cable. This in turn reduces lost motion and is particularly suitable for applications with a number of bends or a lengthy cable run.

33C and Supreme cables are measured tip-tip. The rods are a 10-32 UNF thread and the travel is 3". The cables are fitted with clamp fittings.

Most Teleflex Morse cables can be identified from the part number on the cable - this contains all the information to match up the cable with a replacement of the same type and length.

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