Cacti & succulent Basic Care

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Making sure your cacti/succulents get the correct amount of light is the most important factor when placing them in their new home.  Greenhouses and conservatories make for the best home but if you don’t have these then a porch or a sunny window sill will keep them happy


Too much water or too little will kill your plants,  when receiving a bare rooted plant  re pot  (see Re potting) it and do not water it for at least a week.

If the body of a cactus is wrinkled this is generally a sign it needs watering , in the dormancy period October to March you should not water cacti at all.

In general succulents need more watering than cacti, if the plant is wilting or wrinkled it needs watering but again in the dormant months keep watering to a minimum a misting will be fine .

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule to watering you have to learn what your plant needs by looking at the plant

Soil/Re Potting
The best soil mix should have good drainage , 3 parts compost to one part grit/sharp sand , make sure your pot has drainage holes to avoid water logging and root problems

Cacti and succulents will survive high summer temperatures , be careful of scorching especially in greenhouses .
In winter most succulents need to be in a temperature above 5c (40f) ,


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