Caffeine Shampoo Review - Does it Work? Effectiveness?

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Caffeine Shampoos have been around for a while and people have often wondered on their effectiveness for preventing or stopping hair problems (losing hair or thinning hair issues) - and the fact or the matter is not as simple as taking a caffeine based shampoo and expecting that your hair will stop falling. 

Why? Because hair loss occurs from various issues in the body - and your diet, and your thinking as well as the shampoo you use - its not just one factor, otherwise our bodies are more than capable of handling it and not getting affected from it. 

So do Caffeine Shampoos work for hair loss?

There has only been 1-2 studies conducted for caffeine based shampoos, and the caffeine shampoo review left by verified users is not exactly promising - less than 5% of users saw some results; this is not enough to rely on, and there are better methods than using caffeine based shampoo for growing thicker hair. 

Are their better shampoos than Caffeine based ones?

Yes and no - its not really about being better - as each does a different job - most shampoos artificially make hair strands thicker and make it look like its going to stop hair loss, but this is not the case at all - they are just their to make a quick sale or for people wanting short term benefits - but what if you really want to stop hair from falling out? What do you do then?

There are solutions, but you must do them regularly - here are some: 

1. The Taoist Handmade Soap: This is a soap designed for scalp conditions to stop hair loss and help regrow lost hair (even in old age). It works by stopping inflammation happening in the follicles which is the actual cause of hair falling out - even if your problem is hormonal based, these hormones cause inflammation in the body, which then leads to the hair to fall or thin - this soap, when left in the scalp for at least 3-5 minutes at a time, stops the inflammation process right at the root, allowing hair to recover and regenerate. 

This soap ingredients are hard to find, and therefore not everyone may be able to afford it - although you do not have to use it everyday to get results - it is worth an investment as it lasts 6 months or more if used 2-3 times a week, which is plenty. 

If you find this soap to be too expensive to use - then I suggest that you buy an SLS free shampoo instead - and shampoo your hair with that - and not use any gel or other chemical products - it is better to use a drop of oil to condition the hair if you want to style it after your shower - it will look great and wont damage your hair either. 

2. Regular Massage: The hair grows out of the skin in your head - but if the skin is not kept hydrated and circulated, it will not produce any results - and the fact that your head is the opposite direction of gravity, its the hardest point for your body to circulate blood - this is why a maintenance massage on the scalp is required regularly - try it yourself for 15 minutes and you will see you feel so much more relaxed then when you started - this is the stress you have been carrying, which is contributing greatly to the hair falling problem. 

3. Caffeine Shampoos don't work. So don't look for another caffeine shampoo review, just look for methods which improve your skin condition and overall general health - when the body is in a much healthier state, it focuses on secondary processes like producing skin and hair (better quality) than compared to when it is unhealthy and is not in a balanced state. 

4. Speaking of Caffeine based shampoos; do not take caffeine as a drink either, or at least reduce your caffeine intake if you drink a lot of it. If your not sure what contains caffeine, Coffee, Tea and Coke/Pepsi are the number one caffeine products out there - Green tea is find to consume however. 

5. Reduce or stop Sugar intake - Sugar affects your insulin levels dramatically and this can cause more fluctuations in your hormones as well as cause more inflammation. Inflammation loves sugar foods, so if you stop this, you have a higher chance of fighting inflammation - one from the topical soap (Taoist Soap) directly, and one from internally in your body by reducing or stopping sugar intake. 

6. Enjoy life. Stop stressing over small things; the sun always rises after the night. In today's time, more and more people are suffering from internal stress, someone is thinking about money, someone about their children and someone about their husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend (worrying about them) - understand that ups and downs come - but don't let these things affect your body - hair loss shows that you are not taking care of your body (to some extent) and you need to start taking care of yourself. Besides, being happy creates hormone changes in your body which positively affect hair growth and skin clearance (did I really need to say it this way for you to understand?). 

I hope this was useful for the viewers who read this review - I know its titles Caffeine shampoo review, and I spoke less about caffeine shampoo than your overall care for hair growth, but this is the real way to do it. 

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