Cake Decorating Kit Buying Guide

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Cake Decorating Kit Buying Guide

Decorating a cake is a fun way to add a touch of pizazz to any dessert to make it look as magnificent as it tastes. Whether buyers are professional bakers, searching for cake decorating supplies for their business, or a mom who needs to decorate a cake for a child's birthday party, getting the right design is all about the using the right tools. Even complex cakes shaped like characters, or covered with intricate patterns, can be made at home using the right decorating kit.

These products are often sold at craft stores, but buyers can also find them online through a website like eBay. Buying online is often easier for beginners because it allows them to browse through the massive selection of cake decorations without feeling pressured to buy anything. Customers who do a little bit of research can quickly determine which decorating materials they need for their cake and attempt to create a product that matches their sought after design.

Basics of Cake Decoration

There are three main steps involved in decorating a cake: baking, icing, and topping the cake. A complete cake decorating kit addresses all of these three parts by providing a baking mix and pan for cooking the cake. Icing mixes, bags, and couplers are used for icing the cake. Once the cake is iced, additional decorations like toppers are the final touches.

Cake kits are often sold by theme. This means the buyer can find decorations for birthday cakes, holiday cakes, or anniversary cakes all in the same place. It may be less expensive to purchase a cake kit that comes with all the parts than to try and purchase each part separately, but this depends on the equipment the baker has in the kitchen.

Cake Baking

Baking is the first step of decorating, and arguably the most important. Even if a cake is decorated to perfection, if it tastes terrible no one is going to like it. It is also important to note that a cake that is baked correctly is easier to ice than one with burned edges and a gooey centre.

Bake Mixes

These pre-made mixes are a wonderful addition for anyone who does not bake cakes extremely often. All the baker has to do is pour the mix into a bowl, combine it with eggs, milk, and oil, and then use a mix to create the cake batter. Cake mixes come in different flavours like chocolate, lemon, or vanilla. They are an easy way to bake a cake that tastes great without using a lot of guesswork to measure the ingredients.

Bake Pan

Using the right baking pan is essential. Most pans are coated with a non-stick surface that makes it easy to take the cake out when it is done, and this is a lifesaver for anyone who has ever tried to dig a cake out of a pan. Average pans are usually square, or round, depending on the type of cake. Some specialty kits include shaped pans that allow a baker to cook a cake in a precise shape. While buyers might not get as much use out of a shaped pan as they would a normal one, they are certainly handy to have around in the kitchen.


Applying the icing to the cake is usually the hardest step when it comes to cake decorating. Using professional baking tools helps give the icing a uniform layer that is the perfect base coat for decorating. It also helps to understand the different types of icing, since they all have their own unique properties.










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Think about the type of icing needed for the cake before starting a baking project. Fondant icing creates a hard shell that is ideal for wedding cakes, but children usually prefer softer, creamier buttercream icing instead. It is also beneficial to choose the correct icing type based on how long the cake has to stand before it can be eaten.


The spatula is essential for icing a cake. It allows the baker to evenly coat the tops and sides of the cake, under an even layer of delicious icing. The best spatulas are slightly flexible in the handle and the base. This allows them to spread the icing without digging into the cake.

Icing Dye

Icing can come in all types of vibrant colours depending on its type, as well as the colouring used in combination with it. Cake kits usually come with a small vial of dye that is used for the icing. Follow the guidelines and mix the dye into the icing until it achieves the correct colour consistency. Keep in mind that some types of icing like meringue require greater amounts of dye to produce brighter colours.

Icing Bags

Once the entire cake is covered with icing, it is time for additional decorations. This is done by first placing the coloured icing into icing bags. These bags make decorating with icing more manageable since they form a tube. The bag is gently squeezed, and the icing comes out through a coupler that is then attached to a decorating tip.

Decorating Tips

Decorating tips are attached to the end of the icing bag via a coupler that makes them interchangeable. This means the baker can take the coupler off of one bag and use it with the next one. The holes in the tips come in different shapes, and this produces unique artistic effects on the cake.

Making Flowers

Creating ornate decorations is effortless when using decorating tips. Beginners can use a drop flower tip or a petal tip, depending on which type they are most comfortable with and how they want their flowers to look. Drop flowers are usually thicker while petal flowers are thinner. Using a leaf tip adds the final touch to the flower.

Fancy Flowers

Professional decorators create fancy flowers using hard-crusting icing types like fondant or meringue. Both of these icing types create vibrant colours, and because they become stiff when dry, they can be used for unusually large flowers. Working with these types of flowers takes a little bit of extra practise, but customers can also opt to purchase a mould for them.

Cake Patterns

Some cakes that use a lot of decorations come with a pattern. This pattern must be transferred onto the cake itself, which can be easier said than done. Experts recommend taping the pattern down to the table, and then placing a clear bag or parchment paper over the pattern. Using an icing bag filled with piping gel, simply trace over the pattern. Remove the paper and very gently place it down over a cake with crusted (slightly hard) icing. Swipe the back of the paper with a decorator's brush to transfer the pattern onto the cake.

Once the pattern is already on the cake, it is time to fill it in. Most decorating kits come with special tips used for filling in cake patterns, like the star tip. Filling in the pattern covers up the original transfer lines, leaving the cake looking lovely and fresh.

How to Buy Cake Decorating Kits on eBay

eBay has a wide selection of cake decorating kits that can fit within any budget or lifestyle. Whether you are just looking to get into cake decorating as a hobby, or you want to make it your career, eBay has the supplies needed to get you started. Take the time to browse through all of the products eBay has available to find the one best suited for your needs.

Start out by typing 'cake decorating', or 'cake decorating kit', into the search bar located on any eBay page. This returns all results for cake decorating, but there are likely plenty of results that you do not need. If you are trying to decorate a cake based on a theme, then type in 'birthday cake decorations', or whatever theme you want to narrow the results. Search for 'cake decorating icing equipment' to purchase kits that focus on icing the cake.

It is also possible to look for individual cake decorating parts. If you need a baking pan, then you can search eBay for all types of cake pans, including novelty items. eBay also has a large selection of pre-made icing mixes for cake decorating as well.


Cake decorating allows bakers to become creative with their desserts. No matter the type of celebration, the cake is the centrepiece of the event. Decorating a cake does not have to be a nerve-wracking experience as long as the baker has the right tools, most of which are usually enclosed in a decorating kit. The first step to decorating is actually baking the cake, and kits make this easier by coming with a baking pan and a pre-made mix.

Once the cake is baked and allowed to cool, it then needs to be iced with a spatula. At this point, the cake is ready for topping with additional icing decorations, or other pieces that make the cake unique. Bakers who use tools like icing bags along with decorating tips find this part of the process extremely easy to complete. All of these items are sold on eBay, allowing buyers to get the decorations they want for their party at an affordable price.

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