Cake Decorating Stencils Buying Guide

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Cake Decorating Stencils Buying Guide

While purchasing special occasion cakes from a bakery or supermarket is more convenient, homemade cakes are more affordable and provide a personal touch for the recipient. Homemade cakes are also fun projects and allow a baker to exercise their creativity. Quality cake decorating tools help any baker achieve incredible results. Before creating a professional looking cake for a special occasion, there are a few essential tools that every home baker should own.

Cake decorating stencils allow the ordinary consumer to achieve a professional-looking cake. Cake stencils make creating elaborate designs easier and faster than drawing them by hand. Stencils are the perfect tools, whether baking a cake for a child's birthday, an anniversary, or a wedding cake. There are a couple of different types of stencils including: regular stencils, cake side stencils, cake top stencils, and impression mats. These different stencils are valuable tools to achieve different decorating looks on cakes. In addition, cake decorating stencils are available in many different themes for diverse occasions including: letter stencils, Valentines and love, Christmas and winter, Halloween and autumn, birthday, religious, and other special occasions.

Consumers should research and compare cake decorating stencils available at different venues including department stores, baking supply shops, and online at eBay. Choose the type and theme of cake decorating stencil that meets the creative vision within a designated budget.

What Is a Cake Decorating Stencil?

A stencil is a template that reproduces an image each time it is used. Stencils are made out of a variety of different materials including plastic, metal, and cardboard. Whatever the material, a stencil consists of a series of holes that create some kind of picture, such as shapes, letters, or patterns. Cake decorating stencils are filled in on cakes over frosting, using a variety of mediums, such as cocoa powder, icing, and food colouring spray.

Types of Cake Decorating Stencils

There are various types of cake decorating stencils available depending on the design intended for a cake. The major types of cake decorating stencils include: regular stencils, cake side stencils, cake top stencils, and impression mats or texture sheets. The stencil types are typically purchased separately or in themed sets.

Types of Decorating Stencil



Versatile and available in all shapes and sizes

Not ideal for creating extensive patterns

Cake side

Wrap around the side of the cake

Rectangular shape, used for both round and square cakes

Cake top

Similar to cake side stencils, except available in rectangular and circular shapes

Impression mat

Creates raised textures on cakes

Available in a wide range of sizes and versatile for use in different mediums

Use the chart to determine which type of cake decorating stencil is best. Each type serves different functions and is available in many different themes. Consumers should consider building a collection of different types of stencils so that they have stencils for every occasion.

Regular Stencils

Regular stencils are used for designs anywhere on a cake. Stencils are available in all different sizes, shapes, and materials. The varying sizes of cake decorating stencils make them versatile for use on cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. When choosing any stencil, pick one that is the correct size and scale for the surface of the cake.

Cake Side Stencils

Cake side stencils are meant to wrap around the side of a cake to create a pattern. Cake side stencils are generally rectangular in shape and are used to decorate cakes of all shapes, including round or rectangular. Cake side stencils are perfect for more formal occasion cakes, such as wedding or anniversary cakes. The side decorations give the cakes an elegant, professional look.

Cake Top Stencils

While similar to cake side stencils, these stencils are available in both rectangular and circular shapes. These stencils often offer more surface space in order to cover entire cake tops. While large cake side stencils could provide some of the same function for cake tops, circular cake top stencils are necessary for decorating round cakes.

Impression Mats

Impression mats, or texture sheets, create raised designs for cakes. They are able to recreate realistic textures onto cakes including basketweave, woodgrain, cobblestone, and brick. These mats are highly versatile and are used with buttercream, fondant, gingerbread, and chocolate. The sheets are available in large to small sizes to fit a wide range of cake surfaces.

Stencil Themes

There are many different occasions in which to have a cake, such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and other holidays. Consequently, there are different stencils available to decorate cakes for all of these occasions. Popular stencil themes include: letters, Valentines and love, Christmas and winter, Halloween and autumn, birthday, and religious. Consumers purchase cake decorating stencils and are able to wash and reuse them year after year.

Letter Stencils

Cake letter stencils are essential for all occasions. Why write on a cake with icing when using a stencil is faster and more professional-looking? Letter stencils are purchased in basic sets with entire alphabets, and are also available in popular celebratory phrases.

Valentines and Love

Stencils under this category are love-themed. These stencils are great for decorating cakes for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or weddings. Popular stencils include hearts, arrows, Cupid, flowers, and lips.

Christmas and Winter

Christmas and winter-themed stencils are great for holiday parties. Popular stencils in this category includes trees, presents, reindeer, snowmen, wreaths, snowflakes, and ornaments.

Halloween and Autumn

Halloween and autumn stencils are great seasonal additions to any stencil collection. Halloween and autumn-themed stencils include leaves, pumpkins, bats, candy corn, witches, ghosts, moons, and skeletons.


Birthday-themed stencils are used by families a few times throughout the year. Popular birthday stencils include numbers, balloons, party hats, candles, presents, and confetti.

Religious and Other Special Occasions

There are several religious holidays throughout the year, which are occasions for cakes. Religious decorating stencils include crosses, doves, bunnies, stars, candles, and praying hands.


There are cake decorating stencils that are available in different price ranges. Generally, stencils are very affordable. They are available for purchase as a single stencil or as large sets. Stencils are reusable and a good investment, since consumers use them year after year. The cost to purchase a stencil and create a homemade cake is much less expensive than purchasing cakes from a shop. Consider creating homemade stencils if on a meagre budget. There are many stencil templates online that can be acquired for free. Although, these stencils are unlikely to hold up as well as professional stencils made of plastic and metal. Wash and reuse stencils made of plastic, metal, and other sturdy materials.

How to Buy Cake Decorating Stencils on eBay

Begin your search for cake decorating stencils on any eBay page. eBay offers thousands of options when it comes to purchasing cake decorating supplies. If you do not already have an eBay account, create one now or during checkout. A simple keyword search is the best way to start looking for cake stencils. If your know the specific type and theme of stencil for which you are looking, then input keywords into any eBay search box. An advanced search allows you to perform an even more specific search. Generally, it is best to start out with a broad search, and then narrow the results by selecting options. Browse through all of the results and choose a few listings to research further.

eBay listings contain a lot of important information about the seller and return policies. After thoroughly reading each listing, make sure to ask the seller any unanswered questions. Next, review the seller's feedback by looking at their feedback score. Feedback scores indicate important information about the seller's business reputation on eBay. eBay also allows you to read comments left by previous buyers. Make sure to take into account any additional fees for shipping in the price of the product. The seller's shipping policies are on the listing's page. eBay's Top-Rated Sellers have achieved the highest buyer ratings, and therefore, are more reliable sellers on eBay's marketplace.


Decorating cakes is a great project and form of personal expression. When decorating a cake, there are a few essential tools and ingredients. Cake decorating stencils help bakers to create professional-looking cakes for every occasion. The stencils allow you to create elaborate designs quickly and more efficiently than by hand. Cake decorating stencils are filled in using a variety of different mediums including: cocoa powder, icing, and food colouring spray.

There are a few different types of cake decorating stencils including: regular stencils, cake side stencils, cake top stencils, and impression mats. Each type serves a different function and is available in a variety of themes. Themed stencils allow bakers to decorate cakes for every occasion. Popular stencil themes include: letter stencils, Valentines and love, Christmas and winter, Halloween and autumn, birthday, religious, and other special occasions. Consumers who purchase stencils are able to wash and reuse the stencils year after year. Consumers need to research and compare the different cake stencils available online at eBay and different venues. Choose the type and theme of stencil that meets the creative vision for your cake. eBay offers a huge selection of cake decorating stencils no matter for which type, theme, and price you are looking.

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