Cake Display Stand Buying Guide

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Cake Display Stand Buying Guide

Cake display stands are used for a variety of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and an assortment of other celebrations. Cake display stands are used to present a cake, store a cake, and for entertainment. Whether a buyer is looking for a more traditional cake display stand or a modern cake display stand, there is something for everyone. Cake display stands can be small or large depending on the size of the cake being displayed. In addition to displaying cakes, cake display stands are now being used to present cupcakes. Cake display stands can be purchased at home goods shops, craft shops, and the online auction website, eBay. While finding the perfect cake display stand may seem daunting at first, understanding what a buyer is looking for should not make it a problem at all. Features to consider before purchasing a cake display stand include: the size of a cake to be displayed, the shape of a cake, how many tiers it contains, the colour or finish, and the material of a cake display stand.


Cake display stands are sold in a variety of shapes, ranging anywhere from round to octagonal. Cake display stands are most commonly sold as square or round. It is recommended that a buyer select the shape of a stand based on the shape of a cake, or vice versa. If a cake of a particular shape has already been ordered or made, then it is suggested to purchase a cake stand of the same shape. If a buyer already has a cake stand that is square, then it is recommended to buy or make a square cake. Some people enjoy switching and place a round cake on a square cake display stand to provide a more abstract appearance. In addition to round and square cake display stands, there are additional shapes. While the different shapes are just a bit more difficult to find, they usually contain more elaborate detail. If a buyer decides upon a shape other than a round or square cake display stand, all he or she has to do is search through home goods shops or eBay.

Pedestal and Tiers

There are many different options when it comes to displaying cakes at different heights. A cake can simply be placed on a single plate, which is used as a cake display stand. More advanced cake display stands include: pedestal and tiered. The pedestal style is simply a cake plate that holds a cake up with a single pedestal or riser. The benefit of a pedestal cake display stand is that it is multifunctional. The pedestal cake display stand usually provides a decorative element, such as a glass cover to store a cake, which also aids in transporting a cake from one location to another.

On the other hand, tiered cake display stands create a very formal, multi-layered cake. Oftentimes, tiered cakes are displayed at celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Tiered cake display stands include connecting pieces to ensure the display stand is stable enough to hold layered cakes. The number of tiers that a cake contains can also depend on how many people the cake is supposed to feed. If a cake is narrow with at least five multiple tiers or wider with only three tiers, it should be able to feed the same amount of people. The number of tiers is based on personal preference.

Colour and Finish of Cake Display Stands

There is a wide assortment of colours and finishes for cake display stands. Bamboo, clear, metallic, and red are just some of the colours and finishes in which cake display stands are available. Based on the event, the colour and finish of the cake display stand can help to make it a more formal affair or match a theme. For example, a cake display stand for a wedding may be silver or gold to provide more elegance. On the other hand, a two-year-old's birthday party may have a red cake display stand to go along with a Mickey Mouse theme. If a cake display stand is not the same colour as the event's theme, simply adding a ribbon with the event's colour solves the problem.

Cake Display Stand Material

Cake display stands are made up of different materials including acrylic, glass, metal, plastic, porcelain, and possibly others. The type of material being purchased depends on the weight of a cake and personal preference of a buyer. When taking into consideration which material to purchase for a cake display stand, an important consideration is transporting a cake. A cake can already be heavy from its multiple layers, so buying a cake display stand that is heavy makes it more difficult to transport a cake from one location to another. Glass cake display stands are common for the pedestal type, and usually contain a matching glass lid.

Traditionally, cake display stands were made out of acrylic materials but now the materials have changed. Metal cake display stands provide a more modern atmosphere. Metals vary from gold and silver elegance to rough textured metals. A party or event being planned can be planned around a cake, and more specifically, the cake display stand. For example, if a party is going to be traditional or modern, the buyer should select a cake display stand that exhibits the event's particular theme.


The most popular events at which cake display stands are present consist of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, and Christmas, among many others. Just because the previously mentioned events are the most popular, does not mean they are the only times that cake display stands are used. Cake display stands can be used at baby showers or bon voyage parties. Whenever there is a beautiful cake to which a host would like to draw attention, it is recommended to have a cake display stand. Most cake display stands are multifunctional, and the same cake display stand can be used at multiple events. Although, there are cake display stands that are specifically made for a particular event. For example, a wedding cake display stand may have wedding bells on it so it can be used again for an anniversary party, but may not be used for a birthday party.

Other Uses for a Cake Display Stand

There are many uses for cake display stands other than just displaying cakes. Cupcakes are growing in popularity, and many people are now using cake display stands to display cupcakes. Displaying cupcakes on a cake display stand provides some open space on the actual stand, therefore, it is very important that the stand is impeccable.

How to Buy a Cake Display Stand on eBay

Planning events is fun, and having a go-to cake display stand is a necessity. eBay offers thousands of options when it comes to purchasing a cake display stand, from a pedestal to ten-tiered displays. The simplest way to navigate the site for a cake display stand is by making use of the keyword search. Fortunately, there is a search box located on the top of every page on eBay. In this space, a buyer can type in precise keywords, such as "cake display stand". Once a buyer has clicked search, a wide assortment of options appear in the search results. If a buyer would like to peruse through a smaller product listing, he or she simply needs to enter more specific keywords, such as "round cake displays", and browse a much more targeted list.

Seller feedback is a great way for buyers to evaluate a seller. Seller feedback allows a buyer to determine the authenticity of a seller. Feedback ratings from buyers within the last 12 months can be found on a seller's eBay history. Feedback is beneficial for a buyer because it provides a buyer with a seller's past interactions, and allows a buyer to make an informed decision before purchasing. The feedback is beneficial for a seller because it allows a seller to improve his service and attract more buyers to his page through positive feedback.


Cake display stands have the most important role at major events: displaying a cake for the celebration. Once a buyer has a better understanding of what he or she is looking for, then purchasing a cake stand display is as easy as can be. A buyer must be aware of specific features that vary from one cake display stand to the next, including: the size of a cake, the shape of a cake, how many tiers it contains, the colour or finish of the display, from which type of material the cake display stand is made, and how to purchase a cake display stand on eBay.

Once a buyer has an answer and understanding to the previous features, purchasing a cake display is trouble-free. The majority of cake display stands are either round or square. The number of tiers that a cake display stand contains depends on personal preference and the amount of people a cake is going to feed. There are a numerous variety of colours and finishes for cake display stands. The colour and finish can be selected to perfectly match an event. Fortunately, eBay provides a wide variety of cake display stands to match every buyer's needs.

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