Cakewalk isn't Oilily but it is Dutch too!

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There are several listings which misleadingly claim that Cakewalk items are "by Oilily" or a name of a line by Oilily (or story). I think people just see these two names together so much on ebay that they begin associating them as one and the same, in many cases.
The similarity in styles is nothing to do with the alleged link between the two companies; it is due to the companies both being Dutch and making the similar very distinctive style. Children's clothes in the Netherlands had, until recently, a very disticntive look, just as French designers such as Bourget, and and so forth did. Dutch children's clothes would be often unisex-ish, and very brightly coloured and patterned. You must realise that in the Netherlands children don't wear school uniform, so it is actually worth  buying loads of lovely clothes cos their kids will actually be wearing them all the time. Here in UK, I find that children's clothes can be dull and reflect the repressedness of British kids. In UK it seems to be a crime to have an individuality, and everyone dreses their children the same: blue for boys and sickly, girly pink for girls. (I am generalising of course.)

Now it is only companies like Cakewalk and Oilily who still make their clothes like this. all the high street multiples in Holland who are now in England, and also makers such as MEXX, have toned down their clothing to appeal to the mass euro market. Until about 6 or 7 years ago you could still get typically Dutch kids' clothes from these brands, but even in Netherlands it is all so samey..

Oilily continues to be one of the most expensive high-end widely available brands. It is as expensive in Holland as here. however, as someone has pointed out, it is available sometimes in TK Maxx, but what is not known is that the items n TKMaxx are either past season or slight seconds. so if someone then sells a BNWT item on ebay, claiming it is "worth £90" they are being misleading. As for Cakewalk, they are not nearly as dear as Oilily, particulalry in Holland, where they are the price equivalent of Mexx at most. Mexx, incidentally, are another Dutch company, based outside Leiden.

So, then, the desirability of Cakewalk rests solely on the items' assumed similarity in appearance to Oilily. If you are a fan of this distinctive look I strongly suggest you take your next family holiday in the Neth's, which is a very friendly and child-friendly place, and if you go somewhere like Leiden  which has the coffee and canals lifestyle like Amsterdam, but not the tourist invasion or the drugs or crime, there are loads of cheap boutiques, as well as H&M, C&A, plus Prenatal, Mexx, Benetton and a department store called VD (really! Vroom en Dreesman) In Amsterdam and the Haag there are very modern parts behind the traditional streets and there is de Bijenkorff ("the beehive" which is like John Lewis's, maybe a bit more upmarket. Try the coffee shop in there, especially the cakes. You will get all the high end Dutch children's designer stuff in de Bijenkorff, as well as beautiful shoes and, again very typical continental shoes and boots and so forth. Also good quality wooden toys such as Brio, BrioMec, and so on.

It's funny but when my relatives come here, they want things like Monsoon, Uttam, Laura Ashley, Next... and Clarks and Doc Martins shoes and boots!
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