Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review: shooting at its best

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Do you like shooting? then this the game for you!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is packed with high quality details and allow you to get into the skin of the fighter with lot of missions impossible rescue battles.
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Action at high level

An unexpected thing happens early in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the latest in the military shooter franchise in which the player kills hundreds of human goons to the rhythm of Bruckner-style story beats. The action slows for a breath. You take cover on one side of a busy highway, reload, then fire heavy weapons at enemies stationed on the median. It's hard to line their heads in your scope, because the traffic dirties the frame, absorbing the brunt of your payload. But after a while, perhaps with a well-placed grenade, you drop the bodies and progress to the next rally point where you dispatch a dozen more, wash, rinse, repeat.
The moment is forgettable, plotted amidst futuristic globe-trotting from San Francisco to New Baghdad. Advanced Warfare's reality is lathered in futuristic tech, like grenades that reveal enemies positions behind walls or hone in on the baddies, like the bite-sized version of heat-seeking missiles. And the exo-suits, mechanical frames that let you jump three stories into the air or stem the loss of blood, allow for creativity in how you play, an overdue move to give the player more choice and control in how the save the world.
The game, in all of its violent glory, is spectacular. I didn't internalize what it had asked of me at the highway until a few hours after I'd reached the credits. In that moment, my efforts to thwart global terrorism involved flippantly shooting civilians, whose vehicles functioned as just another interesting form of cover. And I didn't hesitate.
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