Cambridge Diet, all you should know before embarking

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  Cambridge Diet is a "Sole Source Programm" which means that you replace ordinary food with low calorie drinks, soups or bars. The Sole  Source programme comprises of 3 or 4 servings of Cambridge Diet plus at least 4 pints of fluids and nothing else!

How to prepare meal from food sachets:

Cut open a one-serving sachet. Add the contents to a minimum of 227ml (8fl oz) of cold or hot (but not boiling) water, and mix throughly until smooth using a blender or whisk. Alternatively, mix drinks to taste as a mousse with a smaller amount of water but remember to drink the extra water from the 227ml normally used to mix a Diet drink.

Consume within 15 minutes.

In addition to the Diet, drink at least 4 pints of calorie free liquid per day. 

Cambridge Diet is a very severe programm and it is not recommended to buy it on ebay if you never tried it before!!! You should see your GP first as there are certain medical conditions when Cambridge Diet is not allowed:

-pregnancy or breastfeeding women


-anyone who had heart attack or stroke

-anyone with kidney or liver disease

-not suitable for children

-anyone taking medication prescribed by a doctor (exept contraceptive pill and HRT for the menopause) must check with their doctor before dieting.  


Allowable Fluids:

~ tap water

~bottled water (still or sparkling)

~black coffee (ordinary or decaffeinated) - no sugar

~black tea (no sugar)

~Cambridge drink mixes

Alcohol when on CD is not allowed nor Diet Coke.

Why so much water?

Food is largely composed of water (up to 70%) when you eat less, you also miss out on fluid. So you need to drink extra water. Drinking extra fluid will help your body to eliminate the waste products resulting from the breakdown of fat which happens as you lose weight. Drinking more will help to avoid some side effects of dehydration, muscle weakness, dizziness, headaches and bad moods.

Cambridge Diet cannot be used continuously for more than 4 weeks unless under doctors supervision!!!

If you eat or drink anything else - even an apple, a nibble of raw vegetables, or milk in tea or coffee - than any extra carbohydrate you consume may cause your body stop using fat and your weight loss may slow down or stop!!!

How quickly can I lose weight with CAMBRIDGE DIET ?

People lose weight at different rates. In clinical studies, women on SOLE SOURCE lose an average of about a stone a month, with some losing a little less and others losing more. Men tend to lose weight at faster rate than women. The time it takes you to reach your target will depend on how much weight you need to lose and your own individual pattern of weight loss.

Surely I will just put all the weight back on?

Yes, if you go back to your old habits, with a high calorie intake, then you will - this is the same for any diet. The way you lose weight has nothing to do with how you put it back on. After the initial weight loss phase you should maintain your weight and make it permanent.


All above information is to my best knowledge. I am not a counsellor and I do not work for Cambridge Manufacturing Ltd. Thank you.  




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