Can Asthmatics be Helped with Hypnotherapy?

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Asthma is a prevalent and serious condition that affects around 300 million people worldwide. It is a type of allergy where the bronchial tubes tighten and thus air income is reduced. Sufferers also find it difficult to breathe out during an attack. Inflammation of the airways and the presence of mucus also add to the sufferers’ misery. And as many asthmatics know, at attack can actually be deadly if treatment is not undergone very quickly.

There are many things that can cause an asthma attack. The triggers can be such things as environmental pollution like smoke and smog, humidity and air temperature, as well as things such as dust mites, cockroaches, pollen, perfumes – including those in detergents and soap - and chemical compounds. Even anxiety and stress or exhaustion can cause and asthma attack. Foods and medications can also be triggers for asthma.

The trouble is worsened during an attack because the sufferer tends to panic – a very natural reaction in the circumstances. Finding oneself unable to breathe and knowing how serious it is, is naturally going to make one panic. But this anxiety state can in turn worsen the symptoms – it is like a vicious cycle.
That is where hypnotherapy can help tremendously. Since most asthmatics learn to recognise the symptoms of an attack before it happens, they can also learn how to relax and may even be able to abort an attack completely. If not, often the attack is much less severe than it would have been. Hypnotherapy will train a person’s subconscious mind to relax when it recognises the symptoms of an impending asthma attack.
Thus, as the person gains confidence that they can control the attack and lessen its effect on them, their anxiety decreases to a good extent anyway. This is like another cycle – only a good one this time. The less anxious a person is, the less likely they are to suffer from severe attacks of asthma.

But it is usually impossible to reduce anxiety enough to have any effect by simple will-power. The subconscious mind needs to be trained to do it so that it happens without any conscious thought from the sufferer. This is basically what happens after several sessions of hypnotherapy. Of course, there will still be the need for other forms of asthma control, and the need to try and avoid known triggers of the condition. But when used in conjunction with other treatments, hypnotherapy provides additional and excellent relief.
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