Can Compression Clothes Stop Your Post Workout Pain?

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It’s better to be sore than sorry, but muscle soreness can be such a pain! Lots of men have now began wearing compression gear in order to combat this pain. But does it really work?

New research has show that those who wear compression clothing after exercise experience reduced muscle soreness and quicker muscle recovery than those who wear their regular t shirt and shorts to the gym. This is because, when you put your muscles through intense exercise, they become inflamed. This causes an increase in fluid and white blood cells being pumped to the area, which makes it well up and increases the pressure, which causes your muscles to become sore. Because compression gear is tight around your muscles and constricts them, it decreases the amount of fluid build up, so reduces pressure and swelling and therefore pain. Compression gear can also increase the blood flow to your muscles. This helps to remove the enzyme creatine kinase, which leaks out of damaged muscles after training, making them sore.

A British study has found that marathon runners who wore compression tights in the 24 hours after finishing their race felt less pain, but were not totally pain free. A Spanish study also had a group of footballers ear a compression leave on one leg but not the other. After 40 minutes of downhill running, the showed 27% markers for pain in the compressed leg when compared with the other leg.

Compression gear won’t leave you completely pain free, but they can make those days after leg day a little bit easier!
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