Can Hypnotherapy Help Children?

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There are many problems that only children have that can be helped a great deal by hypnotherapy. Bed-wetting is a prime example. Many children wet the bed well into their primary school years and for many different reasons. Parents really need to work on the problem to solve it without allowing their concerns to filter through to the child concerned. If children know their parents are worried or angry about their bed-wetting it will only be made worse, not better as they will develop an anxiety state about it.

When a child wets the bed constantly – or even only occasionally - it can really affect their self-esteem and also their social life. Sleepovers are popular with children these days, but no child who wets at night will be game to sleep over at their friend’s place – or to tell them why they refused the invitation. And if their problem becomes known they will be teased unmercifully by their peers.

The best thing to do when all else fails is to try hypnotherapy. The therapist will be able to gently probe the subconscious mind of the child and find out if the bed-wetting is caused by worry or anxiety. It can help to train the mind to hold those muscles in place rather than relaxing enough for bed wetting to occur. It can also train the subconscious to awaken the child during the night when the bladder feels full.

Getting this form of treatment will certainly help solve the bed-wetting problem, even if it is done in conjunction with other forms of treatment. There are many reasons why a child may wet the bed. He may simply be frightened of getting up in the dark in which case nightlights can help. He or she may be worried or anxious about something, or there could be a physical cause. For this reason it is wise to take your child to a traditional doctor to rule out any health problems, before undergoing hypnotherapy.

Some children simply grow out of bed-wetting, but others seem to continue having a problem into their teen years. This is not only embarrassing for the child, but frustrating for the parents. It is well worthwhile to do whatever it takes to solve the problem and hypnotherapy is one kind of treatment that offers great success. The best thing about it is that no medications are used, so there is no extra stress in trying to get children to take an unpleasant tasting concoction.
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