Can Hypnotherapy Help with Fears and Phobias?

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Some people live with a mild phobia all their lives and still cope with life in a nearly normal way. For instance, a person may have a fear of spiders, but they can make sure they live in a flat or house that is well-sealed against such creatures and so they rarely see one. However, a phobia is something more than just an irrational fear of something.

A phobia about flying, for instance can change your life and cause you to even make certain job and holiday choices where you will not have to fly. You may still suffer nightmares or panic attacks even when you think about flying – even though you know you do not have to board an airplane.  Fear of heights is even more debilitating as it may even prevent a person from standing on a chair to reach something.

Phobias such as the fear of having to make decisions can also cause a great deal of trauma and agitation in the life of any person so affected. Fear of failure can make a person work so hard to the point that all his or her relationships and life itself is affected negatively – or it can prevent the person from ever trying to do anything – or from ever completing a task. If a task is left half done, it can never be said that you failed at doing it.

All this can have a very great impact on the quality of your life. Phobias can be life-threatening in some cases; a person who fears spiders will not hesitate to jump out of a moving car if they see a spider in it – even if they are driving the car.
Hypnotherapy can help the phobic person in many ways. Relaxation and visualisation are two techniques that help the sufferer to become desensitised to the thing they fear.  A person who fears spiders may find that by learning how to use such techniques they can gradually be in the same room as a spider without having a panic attack.
Hypnotherapy can probe the subconscious mind to find out if the phobia was caused by some incident in the past, or if it was learned when they were young by seeing the irrational fear of a parent. In either case techniques to overcome the phobia are instilled into the person’s mind. They can then see the threat or fear in a new light; a non-threatening way, and live their lives in a normal manner without being controlled by fear.
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