Can you break double glazing to escape in a fire?

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Concerned about fire safety in your home, place of work or when travelling?

Seen the adverts of people trying to break double glazing in a fire where the TV, table, or heavy object just bounces off the glass?

Break out of your windows using the only emergency glass breaking escape device (world wide) that has been specifically designed for double and single glazing and developed following harrowing reports of deaths and injuries from entrapment behind locked windows in a fire situation.

When a fire threatens your home, you’ll need to get out fast so please ensure you have installed the very latest safety tool for windows “the Lifeaxe escape hammer for glazing”. This emergency hammer helps you escape by breaking double glazed windows which then creates an escape route for you and your family. Although double-glazing and toughened glass windows are increasingly common, they’re also very difficult to break. Approximately 20 million homes in the UK don’t have an accessible escape window installed, meaning people could easily become trapped in an emergency. The Lifeaxe break out window tool provides a way to break a double glazed window when there’s no other method of escape. It’s the only fire safety device designed specifically for double glazing and was developed by Allan Rhodes, who manufactures fire safety products to help protect you, your loved ones, your home and work premises. 

This patented emergency hammer was developed over nine year years and is now accepted and used by fire brigades, police and many other professional bodies and is manufactured to the highest possible quality standards. If you are in doubt about its effectiveness please read the website for further information regarding its use and ability to save lives. If you haven’t already planned an escape route in your home, please do so as it could save your life and your families too.

Installing the Lifeaxe is easy and with simple DIY tools, it takes minutes and its a low cost item.

Consider the value of your family yet for the cost of a pizza you can feel safe in the knowledge you have planned ahead and they will be safer than not having considered how to escape.

We care about our customers and their safety, please install the Lifeaxe as soon as possible. It is now considered as important as your smoke detector and fire alarm system.  This break out glazing hammer is ideal for use on restricted and non-opening windows. This fire safety & window fire escape device also ensures that in the event of a fire you can increase dramatically your chances of escape through a double glazed window. Lifeaxe fire safety & window emergency break glass hammers offer you a very real possibility of escape, without it it could be impossible to break the double glazed windows and you could remain trapped. It is an emergency window fire escape tool designed to break through toughened or float glass in the event of a fire in your home. 

Could you and your family escape safely without a Lifeaxe being installed?

Now available at  most online fire safety product retailers and hardware stores. It provides a way to break a double-glazed window when there's no other method of escape. It's the only fire safety device designed accepted and used by both police and fire brigades. The break glass fire safety & window Lifeaxe hammer ensures that in the event of a fire, you can safely escape through a double glazed window. A double glazed window is extremely hard to break, unless you know exactly where to hit it. There have been incidents during fires where people have been trapped because a double-glazed window is too hard to break, even a chair lobbed at the window is likely to just bounce off! A fireman said that you must hit them very hard indeed and in one of the lower corners, so, if you want to increase your chances of escape install a Lifeaxe now.

A typical scenario...
I was worried that in the event of a fire she may be trapped in the bedroom., I know it is really difficult to break a double glazed window so I did a bit of searching and found the Lifeaxe. All I could think of was being trapped in a fire situation. Its so good a product my student daughter, my parents and whole family have bought and installed them. The Lifeaxe gives me peace of mind and creates an escape route through double or normal glazing no other break out tool can offer...

The Lifeaxe provides a way to break a double-glazed window when there's no other method of escape in an emergency fire situation. It's the only fire safety device that proves in the event of a fire, you can dramatically increase your chances of escape through windows and double glazing. It works on both toughened and ordinary float glass which can then provide an escape route via the window (normally called egress windows).
Lifeaxe, the only emergency fire safety and window device/hammer available in the world that’s been designed specifically for double & single glazed windows.

1000's have already been sold and installed in homes, offices, commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, colleges, rental properties, care homes, boats, caravans, mobile homes etc, and its used by the Police, Fire and Ambulance crews.

For your peace of mind buy yours today from the manufacturer, eBay, Amazon, DIY centres, hardware stores, online retailers and safety product suppliers.

We welcome trade, eBay reseller and international enquiries - Please go to for further information

Lifeaxe, a fire safety product to rely on when escape through glazing is your only option.

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