Cancer Cancer Cancer Is The Most Powerful killer

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Hello and welcome to my Guide on Cancer



If your woman I know that you will stay and read this Guide

And if you are a man I'd like to think you'd read this Guide as this can often happen to the male's also.


I have read through all this information and I see it as a perfect way (which may not be the right words) for understanding Cancer and the works of Cancer.

  • What is cancer?

All living things - ourselves included - are made up of cells. Cells are microscopic packages of living material and we have billions of them. They come in many different types: liver cells, brain cells, blood cells and so on. In the normal adult, cells only grow and divide slowly and under very tight control to make sure that the number of cells in each tissue stays the same. Cancer begins when one cells changes and startys growing and dividing rapidly and out of control. This one cells divides to give two cells, then four, eight and so on until they form growing mass of cancer cells - called a tumour.


  • What do malignant and benign mean?

  • In some tumours, the cells stay in the same place and as the tumour stops growing before it gets very large - often because it simply runs out space to grow. These are called benign tumours and they are not normally dangerous. We all have benign tumours, such as moles and warts. However, in other tumours the cells are able to invade the surrounding tissue and spread into nearby organs where they can cause serious and, eventually, fatal damage. These are called malignant tumours.


    • Do genes cause cancer?

    Every cell carries a set of coded instructions for every activity or function that it can perform. Different genes are active in different cells, which is why a brain cell carries out many different activities from muscle cell. Genes also carry the coded instructions for basic functions of the cell such as the way cells grow and divide. The growth and division of normal cells is tightly controlled by the activity of certain genes. However, when these genes are faulty or when they mechanisms controlling the activity of these genes is damaged, it can cause the growth and division of the cells to go out of control - in other words, the become cancerous. Genes themselves do not cause cancer. When they function normally, genes prevent cancer. However, it is when some genes become damaged that they can malfunction and cause cancer.


    This next fact, I thought myself that Cancer would have been inherited and may or may have skipped a generation to follow the next family down.

    • Can you inherit cancer?

    Cancer itself cannot be inherited, but some people do inherit a higher risk of getting cancer. This is because they inherit, from their parents, a slightly damaged version of one of the genes involved in controlling cell division. On its own, this damaged gene is not enough to make cells cancerous. Normally, two or three different genes have to be damaged before a cell will become cancerous. That is why so very few of the billions of cells in our body ever become cancerous. However, if someone starts out with every cell in their body carrying damage in one of these genes, the chance of a cell getting the other types of gene damage and becoming cancerous is much higher. Some of these inherited damaged genes have been identified, such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 which increase the risk of getting breast cancer by five to seven times.

    Taken from: Thank you for your in depth information on this.


    Through my research I have read and have seen what Cancer can do to the body.

    To only name a few:

    1. Skin Cancer
    2. Oral "
    3. Breast "
    4. Testicular "
    5. Cervical "

    The list can go on and on, "If in dought" see your Doctor and "check it out".


    Here is a picture that I like:

    Angels with One Wing

    It read's:

     "We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing one another."

    I'd give this picture the Title: Title of 1000 words

    I think I'll keep my thoughts on this to myself. This picture has 1000 words more than what any one of us can say! This has been taken from Thank you for your picture of

    Title of 1000 words

    aka "Angels with One Wing"

    Up date 03-11-06

    I'm only selling part time on ebay, I in fact work for a company and a woman that works with us has had her hair shaved off to raise money for Breast Cancer research, The Company that we work for give a donation item which went to auction on the night. The High Bidder's price was £93's and as it was for Cancer he put the item back in to auction and raised another £80's  She ended up with just over £7000's towards Breast Cancer Research.

    On the night, there was laughter and loads of fun, Though I don't think that most of the people there understood! with her hair being shaved off it is what a person would go through when going through Chemotherapy.


    I hope this guide helps you to understand Cancer a little bit more than before.

    Please Remeber, "If in dought" please "check it out"

    If you know someone! who needs a prayer said for them,

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    Thank You for reading my guide.


    My Guide is only touching a part of the information, Please do not take this guide as 100% do your research on this and find out more on what you need to know.


    If you have got this far on this page "Thank You" and I do hope that I have you thinking.

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