'Cannot be held responsible for loss/damage' - RUBBISH!

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Hi there

Have you noticed in some auctions the Seller will indicate that he/she CANNOT be held responsible for loss or damage in the post......and lots of things go missing!

Well, this is nonsense, the SELLER IS responsible until it arrives at the buyers door and a signature is obtained and I'm not the only reviewer to mention it...but it doesn't hurt to hear it again, particularly in connection with the sale of mobile phones and mp3 players. as quite a few of these go missing according to the post office. mostly as a result of BAD packing, putting a piece of brown paper around a box containing a £100 + phone is asking for trouble...don't you think?

Saying to the BUYER ''How do I know you haven't recieved it - I have proof of postage'' is NOT enough. He/she may be lying to you but it is down to the seller to PROVE it didn't arrive and you can only do this by sending the item ''Special Delivery''(£4.50 or £5.70 for phones) That way you get a signature on delivery it is insured to £500 so if you haven't got a signature you can re-imburse the buyer and get ALL your money back from the Post-Office.
By the way - ebay/Paypal will ask you for a tracking number if it goes to dispute and if you can't show a tracking number or signature which you only get with 'Special delivery' or 'signed for' (if the goods are underunder £32) you can't win.

I hope you found this of interest...If you are guilty of sending expensive item by the ''cheapskates'' method, then you won't like what I have written. If on the otherhand you are a buyer...maybe it will make you more wary of who you buy from.
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