Canon EF-s 24mm f/2.8 STM

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Don't let the size fool you..

The Canon EF-s 24mm f/2.8 STM is the latest 'pancake' lens released by Canon. I've been waiting for its arrival on market since I've read about it in pre-production early days, after weeks of waiting I finally received the lens this morning and shot 50 plus images to test it and I found it to be well worth the purchase.

Given the price, with the rebate.. this is a steal.

I was looking for a lightweight and fast enough lens that I could put in my bag when I'm heading out on a lazy Saturday, or even just roaming to & from work. This is a great APS-C general purpose lens and worth the price.

What I like the most on this lens:
- Small and light just like the 40mm lens
- STM focus, very quiet, great for video
- Really sharp, not quite at the L glass level, but Canon's L series lenses are not 10-11x more performance in the sharpness area.
- Really nice bokeh.
- Really good for video.

What I don't like about this lens:
- It's not fast enough! I would have very happily paid an extra $50-$100 to get this same lens in f/2.0 instead of f/2.8.

Conclusion: 5 Stars all the way up! I mean.. Quick, Quiet, and Sharp. What more do you want for the price?

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