Canon EOS 20D Digital SLR camera

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My Canon 20D is FANTASTIC. I have now used it for recording sporting, scouting school and family activities indoor and out in all seasons.The camera despite being used still looks as good as new. Since buying this camera I have purchased a second 20D with battery grip so that I don't have to keep changing lenses and risk dust ingress. I have also had images published with a combination of this body and a Canon 17-40L f4. All lenses with the Canon EF or EFS mount will fit, although used on this body the effective focal length is 1.6X the nominal value ie a 50mm lens will give the effect of an 80mm lens. The compatable Canon flashguns are the EX Flashgun range (I have a Canon 430EX).  There are loads of features that can be found in Canons Archived Product lists and various reviews on the internet.  I recommend you buy the Battery Grip especially when using sports mode (continuous focusing) or when using an image stabilizing lens as both of these functions are a heavy drain on the BP 511 batteries. It is physically quite a heavy camera and I would recommend that you use a Neoprene Neck Strap  Neoprene Camera Strap, mine is a Lowepro Neoprene strap and is brilliant as this spreads the weight evenly. BP 511 batteries can be bought as non OEM (non original manufacturer) for approx £10 a pair on ebay and my neck strap I picked up for £14 including postage on an auction. I use a 4GB CF Card which stores 996 full quality JPEG images. Take a tip- I could not see in practice any difference between the higher speed CF cards over the earlier generation CF card, and my current card is an unbranded 'Samsung' CF Card bought cheaply on ebay and works very well, so don't waste your money on expensive branded cards that are probably fakes anyway.

Currently Canon 20D bodies are selling on eBay for around £80-£140 depending on condition and bundle, with the odd sub £50 bargain to be snatched, this represents a fantastic photographic investment. The best general purpose lens I found was the ef 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 USM, (1.6 crop factor equivalent to 35mm approx.40mm - 200mm)available on eBay for £100-140, the results with this combination were brilliant.

Since originally writing this I have resisted the urge to upgrade because the visible increase in image quality with each new model has been slight in real life terms and has simply not justified the expense. However I succumbed to a 7D partly because of the larger, clearer display but also the ability to pre-set your camera with 3 full function dedicated options to suit the occasion. Whether this will help my photography time will tell, but sometimes temptation gets the better of you and they were good excuses to sell the idea to my wife!.



8.2 Megapixel, Digital Professional SLR, up to 5 frames per second built in motor drive, with up to 23 images in continuous burst. Digic II CMOS Sensor, 9 point focusing (selective via mode choice),1.8 in. LCD Panel, Built-In & External Flash Hot Shoe, BP511 Lithium Ion battery, Memory type: CompactFlash Card Type I, CompactFlash Card Type II, IBM Microdrive, Weight:1.51 lb.

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