Canvas Prints, what to look for when buying.

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Canvas Prints.

This guide will hopefully help you to buy the right print for your needs.
There are lots of EBay shops out there selling "Canvas Prints" or "Giclee Prints", here's a quick list of things you may not of thought about when buying your print.

Is your print cheap? If the answer is yes then it may have been printed in another country (mess produced), some of the EBay shops sale cheap and lots of prints a week, this means that they may not care about the quality if they have 50 prints that need to fly out the door. Quality means is it printed well, are the colours bright, is it stretched around wooden frame? Is the Canvas a good quality? Is it packaged well? Will it fade? Does the seller own the rights to print the image? Now if you don't care about these things then may be you need not to read any more.
If you want a good to great quality print and care how it's produced, then please read on:

1. What is the image of the print? Is it a Bansky, one of the great artist's, a photo of a flower, what ever it is, has the seller have the copyright to print that piece of art? Most of the Bansky prints are breaking copyright laws, it's the same as copying music. Bansky probably hasn't the manpower to stop all the copyrighting. Photographers all own their photos until they sell the copyright on. So be aware that some sellers may be breaking copyright laws by printing an image that they don't own. If you care then ask the seller if he/she owns the right to print. Future Art never prints a image that they don't own.

2. The print needs to be printed on a Poly/Cotton or Cotton Canvas material, and 340gm in weight minimum. This the quality I would expect.

3. Ink of the printer need to UV ink so's not to fade, most modern printers state that their ink will last for 100 years when printed. Now I know that possibly most pictures get removed every few years, but if you did have a print on the wall that sits in the sunlight your will not want it to fade.

4. Is the canvas you've ordered stretched around a wooden frame? These are called stretcher bars? I ask this because there are a few EBay sellers that show the finished canvas frame but when you read the description they are actually selling a print on canvas rolled up in a tube. So you have to get it stretched yourself, and a few buyers have given bad feedback for this.

5. How is the picture finished off. I would expect the print to have a coat of vanish so to protect from fingerprints and so you can wipe it. If the print has been printed on a solvent printer then the print will be wipe-able.
I would also expect the staples of the print to be on the back of the print and to be taped over so not to scratch any thing.

6. Has the seller supplied wall hanging's? I would expect wall hanging's to be included, you may wish to use your own.

7. How are the prints sent? I would expecy any canvas print to be wrap in several stroug layers of bubble wrap and cardboard, even a propose built cardboard box, the canvases do get damaged on the corners very easily. Most couier services will not cover for damaged to canvas prints, so will your seller replace the print if it gets damaged?
All our prints are to this standard and finished to a high quality, and I know there are a lot of sellers who would say the same thing, but if the prints are being sold to you for £19.99 then think twice.

8. Is the image quality good? Sadly most of the things I have talked about are hard to find out before you buy, but you can now ask the right questions. If you are getting a photo printed onto canvas, there is a few things to think about. Are you sending a photo or digital image? Ask if the image you have sent is big enough? Some older digital cameras will not take photos that can be enlarged to fit a fair size print, so ask if the picture is OK to be used? Sellers have been known to stretch the image to fit the canvas, and then you can get back pixel-ly images. You need a seller to have a bit of experience in graphic design.

Please if you have any questions you can email me from my shop page, I'll be happy to help.

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