Caps4stix Xbox360 / PS3 Controller Thumbstick Solution

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This is an independent review by Cas.

Are your joysticks starting to loose their grip? Look no further. This is the perfect low cost solution. A soft rubber cover that snugly fits over the head of the joystick and in no way prohibits stick movement.

These are great. After a few months using a control pad the grip starts to wear off. Put these on your controller and there will be no more thumbs slipping in the middle of an intense team deathmatch. The replacement joystick cover features eight larger raised pimples that provide superior grip and ensure you are at the top of your game.

I picked these because they were a great price, at only £0.99 per pair + shipping (this is one for each analogue stick on and Xbox 360 or PS3 controller), and I wanted to try them out. My control pad was only a few months old and the grip was almost non existent. After using these I don't know how or why I played without them. They look and feel very natural on the controller and perform great. It adds a little size to the sticks and makes them feel more robust. With twice as many pimples as standard, grip is greatly improved, even if your control pad is brand new, these make the sticks much better. It takes a little getting used to at first, only because you are so used to not having them, but it's one of those products you use and can't imagine going back. Grab yourself a couple now and enjoy your brand new and improved sticks. Highly recommended from me. 10/10

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