Car Alarm manuals Toad and Laserline

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There seem to be many sellers on ebay offering toad remote fobs and toad alarms, some of the sellers however do not explain the relevance of the PIN number, to program toad alarms to recognise different remotes and to set up the alarm a pin number is needed, without this pin the alarm can not be programmed, a51s, a101cl, a201tc, c1, c2, c3 all have a 2 digit pin number where as Ai606, c4, c5 have 4 digit pin numbers which are factory set to a random number, my advise to buyers is check that the pin number is known for the alarm before purchasing any remote or alarm system. for more info visit      www.     copy and paste the link but remove the space between www. and Auto. this website can also provide info on how to program and fit laserline alarms. i hope this is of help.
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