Car Boot Mats... (Audi in particular)

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There are a lot of non genuine rubber boot mats on sale on eBay... One seller in particular has a huge range of mats for all cars as far as I can tell! They boast good quality rubber and a non slip area in the center of it. This is all true and I can't fault the design of it... The 2inch upstands around the edge is a very good addition! They also boast a perfect fit...

This is where the product is slightly let down because it is far from a perfect fit (unlike some of the pictures show). The plus side of it, is that I found it easy to get a stanley knife to mine and just trim off the edges and sides a bit more and now it fits perfectly!

Not much more to say really! I would certainly get another one but just bear in mind that you will probably have to play around with it a little to get it to fit properly!

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