Car Buying Hints & Tips

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Some people seem to think that valleting, T cutting and "clocking" are legitimate ways to make money and unfortunately there is still a lot of it about.  If a car is described as low mileage what proof is there?  Any service history or old MOTs?   If the document number from the V5 is available it is possible for any computer literate member of the public to pull the MOT history of the vehicle as far back as when computerised  MOTs first began and the mileages are all there in black and white.  This service is free! (but unless you have the doc number and registration number you cannot gain access to VOSAs records).  So many Jack-the-lads are out there and whilst most sellers are genuine it is the minority of rogue traders that spoil it for everyone else.  Watch out for the car that has changed hands more often than a dirty magazine.  Another thing to watch out for is the MOT that is more than three months old.  If a seller manages to get his mate at the garage to give him a "bent" MOT (e.g. ABS not working and the bulb removed) after a month there can be no comebacks, (three months for rust).  In truth the MOT certificate is hardly worth the paper it is written on, as legally it only proves that the car was OK on the day it was tested.  If possible try to buy a car with a summer MOT date as faults are much easier to fix in the summer.  MOTs that expire in winter are a real pain as working with frozen metal in the dark is not fun.  There is still a lot of truth in the old adage "Rough people have rough cars" so try to buy from nice people!  For example the person who is selling a car with FSH because their well off father bought them a new one as a present.  There are some real jewels out there but also quite a lot of dogs.
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