Car-Cover Buying Guide

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Car Cover Buying Guide

If you do not use your car for a long period, it is a good idea to cover it up in order to avoid damage and rust. A proper car cover is necessary not only outdoors, where it protects the car from weather, but also inside the garage. Before buying a car cover, consider the types and features to ensure you pick the right car cover for your vehicle.


Car-Cover Types

By and large, you can divide car covers into indoor and outdoor covers. The requirements for outdoor covers are stricter because these covers have to protect your vehicle from various weather conditions, such as heavy rain and snow, as well as sunshine. Indoor covers are simpler and usually lightweight.


Indoor Car-Cover Features

There are several features that you should bear in mind when selecting an indoor car cover. These features include breathability, finish pampering, dust blocking and mildew resistance.





Dispels trapped heat and condensation from between the vehicle and fabric


Features a surface against the car that protects from paint-job scratches


Keeps dust from becoming abrasive as it settles on the paint


Keeps mildew from forming on the cover in wet settings


Many indoor car covers come with all these features and thus provide you with maximum protection. In addition, you should also decide whether you need a lightweight or heavier cover. The latter is best when your garage is actively used, as it helps prevent dents, bumps, and thumps.


Outdoor Car-Cover Features

Requirements for outdoor car covers are a bit more demanding because they have to contend with more demanding weather and locations. The best covers protect your vehicle from the rain, UV rays, and scratches, and are easy to care for.





Sheds water as it hits the cover and keeps the vehicle dry

Dries quickly

Quickly sheds moisture from the cover


Allows heat and condensation build-up under the cover to escape


Protects from UV rays that can damage the paint job and the interior


Filters dust


Lasts for a long time and does not degrade over time

Easy care

Cleans easily in the washing machine


Easily packable

Soft Interior

Protects the paint with soft inside fabric


Choose a heavy cover if you park your car in a crowded place. Keep in mind that car covers equipped with locks and cables could actually keep thieves away because reaching the car is more difficult.

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