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What is a Car Data Check?      

A Car Data Check is a reliable report that verifies specific information about an UK vehicle  and exposes any shady past

Do I really need one?

Well, unless you're buying a second hand car from your mother in law (and even then I'd be a bit suspect;) it is advised that you check the vehicle with a leading car checker.

How do I perform a Car Dar Data Check for vehicle I saw on eBay?

1. To check a car's past all you need is the vehicle's registration number. You can get this by finding it in the eBay listing description or even by looking at the numberplate in the photo of the car you saw on eBay.

2. Next you need to select a leading Online Car Check service (these range from around Ten Pounds to Forty Pounds) and simply type in the registration number. (A review of the top sites to choose from can be found at

3. Most online data checks produce instant results, so in a few minutes you can get a clear picture of the car's history and continue your eBay purchase with confidence.

How do I know where to get the car data check that suits my needs? is a reliable review site that has a clear comparison table that makes it easy to decide.

What sort of things will a car data check expose?

  • Outstanding Finance?
    Approximately 25% of vehicles checked are still subject to a finance agreement. When you buy one of these cars you will not acquire the title to it unless the outstanding debt is settled in full by the original owner. A car data check is the safest way to ensure that the car you're looking at buying does not have any unresolved financial past.
  • Clocked?
    The resale value of a vehicle is often strongly influenced by the number of miles or kilometres it has on the odometer, yet odometers are inherently insecure because they are under the control of their owners. Fraudsters can "clock" a vehicle by tampering with the odometer(digital ones included), rolling it back or even replacing it all together in order to obtain a higher price.
  • Stolen?
    Every day stolen vehicles appear on the market and unsuspecting buyers are lured in by apparent "good deals". By buying a stolen car, whether intentional or not, you could face losing it back to its rightful owner as well as all the money you paid for it or even be liable to a prison sentence. If the vehicle that you're interested in buying has been stolen then the VRM and VIN numbers will be indicated on a car data check as reported stolen by the police.
  • Written Off?
    Every year thousands of cars are involved in accidents to the point that they are beyond repair and are deemed un-roadworthy, however some of these dangerous cars manage to slip through the system and eventually end up back on the market. A vehicle condition assessment found in a car data check can will help you to determine whether or not a car has been labeled a 'total loss' by insurers.
  • Cloned?
    Cloning is a method that crooks use to steal the identity of a similar looking legitimate car. They match the model, colour, registration plates and identification number so as to go undetected by the system. Running a car data check on such a vehicle is the most efficient way to protect yourself and expose this scam.


When buying any used car it's always smart to get a car data check in order to make sure you don't end up in an unfortunate situation.

Good luck!

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