Car HPi checks please dont be fooled!!!

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Just a quick guide to not getting stung with HPI checks:

When buying an expensive car or motorbike you don't mind paying £20-30 to insure the vehicle your buying is 100% genuine. 

You read many reviews and advise on here about what to look out for i.e signs of bodywork repairs, condition of the tyres etc etc..... most of us know all this stuff the most important thing is ? Has the car been involved in a accident or is still on finance? or even is the mileage correct? these are checks you can do by services called HPI checks!!

You see 100's advertised for £12.99 £10 and now even text hpi for £2.99 please please don't get fooled into these cheaper checks you are taking a HUGE gamble i will explain...

I went to buy car a few months back i already have an account with but i was out and about and didn't have access to a pc so i used one of these hpi text checks where they will tell you the cars history in form of a text for usually £2.99+ the price of the text all find and dandy. So i texted the reg number and clicked send.... it came back that the car was stolen in 1998 i know a bit about cars to know what to look out for so i contacted the seller and explained what had happened with the check and he was gob smacked :( but he did say that he was sorry and was unaware of this and that he would look into it, i kind of thought yeah yeah the same old story heard a thousand times before so i felt relieved that i had saved myself £1000s in not buying a stolen car... and thought these checks for £2,99 are great no need to pay £20+ any more when i can just text the reg and hey presto 2 seconds later you have all the info you need :).... 

I told all my friends about the service and they agreed it was a bargain, so i went again to view a car and after arriving looking round the car etc i liked the car and decided to do a HPI text check 2 seconds later came back as a CAT C write off in 2002 and then a CAT B in 2004 i thought wt... is it me or do i just seem to have bad luck when buying a car, so after leaving again without the car i wanted i decided to maybe give up buying private again after the bad experiences.. But then i had a phone off a friend who said that the vw polo he had sold  as HPI clear i.e not stolen or a write off was infact a CAT C insurance write off!! the buyer of the VW polo wanted to sell the car on again but the buyer who came did a hpi check on the car and it came back as being an insurance write OFF in 2008,, again the original check my friend had done was the HPi text check for £2.99... so alarm bells were ringing for me so i decided to bite the bullet and re-HPI check the 2 previous cars i went to buy a few months back....i used my service on-line which is around £20 or so.....

The results were shocking the original ford escort i went to buy was in fact HPI clear on all accounts was not stolen at all :( and the second car which was an MR2 again was not a CAT C or CAT B and was in fact a CAT D in 2009 . I was fuming not only was i about £40 down but a further £6.00 or so down cause of the texted service i used that was incorrect, so i rang the company straight away and after about 15mins in the queue at 0890 number the lady said that they cannot guarantee there checks there simply a guide line to the vehicles past history and then said they use an independent company to do the checks and they are not responsible for any information that is incorrect WTF!!!!!!! then i said that in there terms and conditions that is states they i was covered for upto £10,000 against wrong information? she replied that is only applicable to using our premium HPI check which is a platinum check and it costs £29.99. I thought im not having this so i said well the car i checked was in fact HPi clear but your company stated that in fact it was a stolen car !!! she said that the details held were details from there 3rd party supplier  and cannot explain why these checks were incorrect!! i then basically hung up to avoid any more out of pocket expenses it left a sour taste in my mouth for many hours and days after. Then i can understand that it is just has easy to say the car is a write off or stolen just to put themselves in the clear, in return they make £2.99 each time and don't actually hold any responsibility for the service they provide!! 99% of people just take the information about the car and move on maybe end up going to the stealership to buy a car, just like to know how they get away with it ? 

A lesson to be learnt if your paying for something that sounds to good to be true more than likely is...    Use a reputable company like the AA or or similar not some cowboy company :(
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