Car Parking Sensor Technical Guide

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Electromagnetic Car Parking Sensors also known as a Reverse Parking Sensor, Parking Aid or Reverse Parking Aid enables you to carry out accurate and safe parking and reversing manoeuvres without the anxiety of bumping your Car, Vehicle, Van, 4x4, Motorhome, Caravan, Trailer or Horse Box. It is literally like having eyes located in your front and rear bumper.

Technical Operation:

When reverse gear is selected the small control unit generates a magnetic field and transfers this to the transceiver adhesive strip that is placed on the inner side of and run the length of your bumper. The magnetic strip then sends out an elliptical magnetic field to cover full the area around your bumper, rear and sides. The transceiver strip works by sending and receiving unlike ultrasonic parking sensors that require 2 types of sensors, one to send and one to receive; if they become dirty the ultrasonic performance can deteriorate. Mass is then monitored by the control unit by translating this into a voltage.

When an object (i.e. people, kerbs, cars, etc) heavier in mass than the magnetic field enters this elliptical zone, an increase in voltage is detected by the control unit and you are then informed by a series of audible tones how close you are to the object. You can then manoeuvre accordingly with plenty of time to react.

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Unique Design:

The Electromagnetic Universal Parking sensors use a unique adhesive antenna design that discretely mounts on the inner side of your plastic bumper preserving the 'new factory look' of your vehicle, so only you will know it is fitted. Totally unique in design, the electromagnetic sensor is a superior alternative to the older ultrasonic type sensor technology that requires you to drill 4 or 6 holes in your bumper, mounting ugly black sensors that then need painting to colour code and match the shade of your bumper... The Parking Dynamics PD1 makes this a thing of the past!

The Electromagnetic design will fit any Car, Vehicle, Van, Motor home and Caravan (12V) that have a plastic bumper fitted, ensuring maximum compatibility, functionality, reliability and high performance accuracy when parking and reversing. You have no need to be concerned as 99% of vehicles have plastic bumpers.

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Operation and Early Detection:

Using Electromagnetic Technology, the electromagnetic parking sensor will scan the full length of your bumper, from end to end picking up all objects behind your vehicle. The PD1 detects children, people, adults the elderly plus cars, vehicles, small kerbs, walls, barriers, pillars, posts, skips, etc. Whatever is behind you can rest assured the PD1 will detect this object and alert you to its presence allowing you to react, with time to spare.

When reverse gear is engaged the parking sensor system provides an instant, automatic, self-diagnostic function that maps out the surrounding area of your bumper constantly monitoring this as you reverse with 100% accuracy, providing you with 3 different audible tones (Zones) alerting you of your proximity in relation to surrounding objects!

As you reverse Zone 1 (furthest away from the object) picks up the object first.

Zone 1: 0.8 to 0.5 Metres in length - The 1st tone signals with a slow be-be-be sound
Zone 2: 0.5 to 0.25 Metres in length - The 2nd tone is a faster be-be-be sound
Zone 3: 0.25 to 0 Metres in length - the 3rd tone is a constant beeeeeep sound

Find out more about the Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Reverse Sensor

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