Car Stereo Head Units for Professional Drivers

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Car Stereo Head Units for Professional Drivers

There are many different components that are necessary to understand when purchasing any item in a car. A car stereo head unit, or more commonly a deck, provides a unified hardware interface for the various parts of the electronic media system. Another older name for a car stereo head unit is known as a receiver. The unit is typically in the centre of the dashboard, but the more modern units are integrated in the electronic packages and oftentimes detachable from the car. In reference to car stereo head units, it is common for professional drivers to use them. These drivers may include chauffeurs, bus drivers, truck drivers, and other professionals who are paid to drive.

These units can be purchased at department stores, electronic stores, and online auction websites such as eBay. Although buying a car stereo head unit can seem very intimidating because there are so many different kinds, a buyer can succeed in purchasing the correct one with the right research. There are a variety of factors to consider when a buyer is purchasing a car stereo head unit including the characteristics, size, and the installation process of the unit within the car. Some of the features that come with a car stereo head unit are a tuner, a sound system, a CD player,, the ability to play portable music devices, as well as Bluetooth capabilities and GPS navigation.

Car Stereo Head Unit Characteristics

There are many things that are necessary for a profession driver to consider when purchasing a car stereo head unit. The unit gives the buyer the control over the entertainment system within his or her own car. The different features that can be installed with the head unit are AM/FM radio, satellite radio, CDs, cassette tapes, the ability to play MP3 players, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth settings. Other items that need to be taken into consideration are the tuner and sound system. Ultimately, it all depends on the buyer's preference when deciding to purchase a deck unit for his or her vehicle.


A main component of the car stereo head unit is the tuner. A tuner controls AM/FM radio stations, satellite radio stations, and HD radio stations. The satellite radio stations and the HD radio stations are both forms of digital radio, but the difference is that HD radio uses the same signals from AM/FM radio and satellite radio uses its own satellites to gain a signal.

Sound System

There are many different parts to the sound system to fix and change to ensure the best quality of the sound. Many times the user of the original manufacturer's radio does not understand how much better quality a car stereo head unit would be in his or her car. The various changes can be made to the volume, bass, treble, frequency, and multiple other sound improvements to make sure the quality is better.

Portable Music Playing Device

Newer, more high-tech car stereo head units provide for an adaptable audio function which allows music from an iPod or an MP3 player to play the music of the driver's choice. The head unit has the ability to play music via a USB plug, an auxiliary plug in, or wirelessly. Depending on the type of plug-in capabilities also depends on whether the head unit charges a portable music playing device or plays music directly from the screen of the unit.

For example when using an auxiliary plug, the music is played directly from the device and not the car stereo head unit and it is not charging. However, if a USB plug is used, the device plays directly from the head unit while simultaneously charging the device.

Bluetooth Capability

A component that a professional driver does not typically realise which is oftentimes essential to his or her car stereo head unit is the Bluetooth capabilities that a vehicle can possess. However, Bluetooth does not have very many functions within the head unit. Bluetooth has the ability to wirelessly transmit music files from compatible devices, such as an iPhone to the car's audio system.

The controls are basic and include pause, skip, fast-forward, and go back, but the singer and song names do not appear on the head unit. Another advantage of having the head unit be Bluetooth-ready is for cell phone purposes. The professional driver can use a cell phone through the head unit and drive with both hands on the wheel, providing a safer environment.

GPS Navigation

Another feature that a car stereo head unit provides is a GPS navigating piece. GPS stands for "global position system", and it is a navigation system which is made up of a network of satellites that were placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. If the head unit has video capabilities than GPS navigation is a definite possibility for the driver.

Depending on whether the buyer opts into the navigation device or not, it is necessary for the car or truck to have an antenna at the back of the vehicle and a hard drive to ensure that the GPS is working correctly. Although the installation of the GPS navigation device is typically more expensive, it is definitely worth the investment and provides the driver with security when travelling to unknown places. Due to the United Kingdom being a member of the European Union, there are navigation assistance programmes that allow professional drivers to get to destinations in the most efficient way possible.

Sizes and Installation of Car Stereo Head Units

There are many different sizes that vehicle manufacturers create for car stereo head units. Depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle, it is important to know the specifications of the height, width, and depth of the unit to be installed in the driver's vehicle, so installation is easy for the driver. The term "DIN" is used to describe the physical size of the head unit and there are three sizes: single DIN, double DIN, and a DIN and a half. Regardless of specifications, the unit is unique to each make and model of vehicle.

How to Buy Car Stereo Head Units for Professional Drivers on eBay

When a decision is made, the professional driver must pick which type of car stereo head unit is the best fit for his or her car.eBaypprovides a vast selection when it comes to a purchasing car stereo head unit, from the diverse characteristics of the head unit to the features included. The buyer can begin the search on eBay by using the search bar located at the top of every page. There are hundreds or even thousands of results of car stereo head units that will appear for the buyer to choose. Fortunately, in the search box, the buyer can type in specific keywords, such as "head units&". If the buyer wants to narrow the list of head units, then he or she should be much more specific with keywords and enter phrases such as, "head unit with MP3 player&", and the targeted list is much smaller.

To put the driver at more ease when purchasing a car stereo head unit, there is an option to evaluate the seller's feedback. The seller's eBay history includes all the feedback ratings from buyers within the last 12 months. The feedback provides the buyer the information from past interactions with the seller, allowing the buyer to make an informed decision. The feedback is beneficial for the seller because it allows the seller to improve his or her service. It is important to leave feedback for a seller after the buyer receives the items, because it is necessary to inform the eBay marketplace on the seller's cooperation.


By analysing the aspects of purchasing a car stereo head unit, the buyer can see a variety of features including sound quality, tuner, CD player, portable music sources, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth capabilities. Ultimately, the correct type of car stereo head unit is up to the professional driver's own personal preference. An example of a decision that is necessary to make is whether the buyer prefers listening to music on an iPod or other portable music device rather than a head unit with just a CD player. It is recommended that prior to purchasing the head unit, a buyer must complete some research to gain a better understanding of what type of head unit is better suited for him or her.

Also, the buyer may be interested in an assortment of other factors including a satellite radio system and GPS navigation system all within the same system, due to it being more efficient and easier to have these items in one unit. Luckily, eBay provides a vast amount of car stereo head units that are able to meet almost every buyer's purchasing needs. Other important considerations include the style of the head unit and the installation specifications. The style of the head unit may include a detachable front panel used for security purposes. Finally, installation specifications are the most important when it comes to purchasing a car stereo head unit, because ultimately it answers the question if the head unit fits into the car.

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