Car Styling Decals Buying Guide

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Car Styling Decals Buying Guide

Even for someone who is not a car enthusiast, there are many different ways to customise the look of a car.. Some people prefer to have a car that looks as if it were driven right off the lot, but many others want to imbue their vehicle with a sense of personality. While new paint is certainly an option, it can be rather pricey.

In this case, using decals to change the look of a car can be a very cost effective and fun option for any car owner. Car styling decals are sold at specialty car retailers as well as online on eBay.. There are many different ways that car styling decals can refresh the look of any car, inside or out. In order to most effectively search for the perfect car decals, it is a good idea to commit to learning about what types and styles are available.

Types of Exterior Decals

Most people choose the exterior look of their car very carefully. But even if that exterior is perfect to begin with, it can eventually become less than ideal. It can be quite expensive to get a professional paint job to change the look of a car. Luckily, car styling decals can do just that at a fraction of the cost. Using adhesive designed for cars, it is possible to completely change the look of a car, or simply add more decorative details, with just a few decals.

Funny Stickers

One popular way to add personality to a car's exterior is through the use of humorous stickers.. While humour is subjective, of course, car stickers are available to suit virtually any taste. A common bumper sticker with a witty phrase may be all that is needed to add a bit of fun to the exterior of a car. Other humorous stickers can include pictures or other graphics in addition to text. The right type of humorous decal depends purely on the aesthetic and comic preferences of the car's driver.

Country Tags

One popular way to display affiliation on a car is with an adhesive country tag.. While at one time, these white oval stickers were designed for cars that travel internationally, many people around the world use different versions today to display a national preference or other hobby or affiliation. Country tags can contain only the country code of a certain nation or may contain another code or acronym that indicates the driver's preferences. Country tags are an inconspicuous way to display points of pride on one's vehicle.

Racing Stripes

Another type of exterior decal is the racing stripe.. While official racing stripes, as used on actual race cars, were designed so that spectators could tell cars apart during a race, on regular cars they are merely decorative. Racing stripes can be painted onto a car, but it is much more cost effective to choose adhesive racing stripes. These types of decals come in many different colours and styles.

Racing stripes are most commonly applied down the centre of the vehicle's hood or down the side of the car. Making sure that adhesive racing stripes are applied evenly and in a straight line can be a challenge so instructions should be followed carefully, or a professional consulted.

Advertising Decals

Even for a business that is not necessarily mobile, a car can be an effective means of advertising. For small business owners, using car decals to advertise can be a good way to establish themselves in the community. Personalised advertising decals that include logos, business names, and contact information are easily obtainable. Manufacturers use a vinyl cutting programme to make a completely unique decal for the car. Advertising decals can be placed in the back window of a car or pickup or even on the doors. The cost varies depending on the size and style.

Car Wraps

While funny bumper stickers, racing stripes, and even advertising decals take up only a small amount of exterior space on the average car, car wraps go much further than this. Car wraps are applied to the entire exterior of the car and are a popular way of advertising businesses. Some companies even pay car owners who are otherwise unaffiliated with the business to have their vehicle wrapped in an advertisement. Both partial wraps, covering only part of the car, and full wraps that cover the entirety of the car's exterior, are common.

Interior Decals

The exterior of the car is not the only place where styling decals are applied. Depending on the type of car, there are also many flat surfaces on the interior of a car that can be decorated or otherwise spruced up by the use of a car styling decal. Decals can be applied to any smooth surface, from the glove box to the dashboard and can successfully change the look of a car's interior to a large degree.

Bulk Car Decal Adhesive Vinyl

Most car interiors have very different sizes, shapes, and contours. In order to account for these discrepancies, some vendors offer large sheets of adhesive that allow the driver to cut his or her own decals. This can easily be done by creating templates for the car's interior pieces that are to be covered. However, it is a good idea to ensure that the proper tools are available to do the cutting precisely before purchasing bulk car decal adhesive vinyl.

Window Decals

Car windows also make a good surface for applying decals because they are inherently smooth, which makes it easy for decals to adhereto. However, it is important that opaque car window decals not be applied anywhere that could obstruct the view of the driver. It is also important to keep in mind that car decals applied to glass can be difficult to remove, in case the driver ever changes his or her tastes or the car needs to be sold.

Decal Materials

When choosing car styling decals, it is important to consider the type of material from which the decals are made. The vast majority of car decals are made from vinyl, but even that material can have different looks to it depending on the type. The following table outlines the different types of vinyl that are commonly found in car styling decals.

Vinyl Finish


Used For


Very shiny, reflects light

Many decorative decals


Flat colour, does not reflect light

Decorative decals

Carbon Fibre

Dark coloured, usually patterned

Interior decals, textured looks


Reflects light in dark conditions

Exterior decals intended to improve visibility

The main difference between these types of vinyl comes in the form of aesthetics. If someone prefers the look of one type of vinyl decal over another, then that is the right choice for them. Otherwise, vinyl stickers and decals behave largely the same when applied to vehicles.

Car Decal Application Tools

Depending on the type of car decal that is chosen, it may require special application tools in order to get it to look right. In general, these tools are not extremely costly and are widely available. For example, when applying a decal to glass, a water-based window cleaner should first be used. In fact, any surface to which a decal is being applied should be cleaned prior to application. It is also useful to have a stiff, smooth edge with which to flatten the decal onto the surface so that no bubbles appear. For more complex decals, such as car wraps, professional application is advised.

How to Buy Car Styling Decals on eBay

Shopping for car styling decals on eBay is a great way to find a wide selection of decals from which to choose. In order to find available car styling decals on eBay, you can use the search box on any page of the site. Simply searching for "car decals&" yields many different results. Use the filters to narrow down those results until finding exactly the type and style of decal for which you are looking.

Buying car decals on eBay is also a good choice because in general, they are quite small and light. It is even possible to ship many decals using standard post, which can save you a good deal on shipping costs. Be sure to check with the seller directly if there are any questions about the shipping process or costs involved prior to completing your transaction. This is easy to do by sending a direct message through the eBay interface.


Unlike some other car parts and accessories that are necessary for proper vehicle maintenance, car styling decals are much more of a luxury for a car owner. However, that does not mean that adding styling decals to a car cannot provide a great deal of enjoyment and perhaps even extend the enjoyable life of the car because it is be more fun to drive.

There are many different types of car styling decals available, each of which has its own benefits and adds its own flair to a car. In order to find the perfect car decal for any car owner, it is most important to take into account his or her personality and style. Adding car decals to one's car is a very personal decision and because most are not easily removed it should not be undertaken lightly. Luckily, it is easy to search and browse through car decals, either in a store or online, until the perfect one presents itself.

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