Car buying Guide part three by Dave69700

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Is there fresh paint under the sill where you’d normally find a brown coating from mud, tar etc.
Are there any marks like vice grip marks on the bottom lip of the sill? This may be from the use of a body jig.
In the engine bay or wheelarch, is there a difference from one side to the other of the paint surface, one side has stonechip paint, the other doesn’t?

Remember:      Car bodies are made by robots but the cars are still assembled by humans.
So………. It is possible that the body panel may not have seated properly on the jig in the factory before the robot welded it.
…………….One man, on one side of the car may apply seam sealer in a different manner to his co-worker on the other side.
……………..There may be rectification to a paint fault before it left the factory

Having considered all the above – a repaired car may be as good as new, only better!!

….Is the engine bay absolutely spotless? Power washing can remove signs of leaks.
….Does the MOT certificate refer to an advisory sheet? –ask for it, work may be necessary soon.
….Has the car done just under 100k? Allow for the price of a catalytic converter but remember, there are expansive main dealer parts and aftermarket cheaper parts.
….Ideally tyres should match on the same ‘axle’ –  some cars can have 5 different tyres!
….Check the overall condition of the exhaust system – you may need a new one sooner than you think!

Protect your Wallet
There are many other issues which may catch out the unwary, -- well advised elsewhere on eBay
In any case make sure that the seller has the V5 and it’s in HIS name at HIS address. (in fact ask this in your first email)                      You may hear many excuses, some kosher, some not.
Ask questions – Do watch the seller’s manner, or his avoidance tactics.  Listen to what ‘he doesn’t say’
My policy?…….’If in doubt, -- Don’t!’
Thank him for his time and walk away, don’t bid, delete it from your bidding list –
Look for another one, you don’t need problems

Many Thanks To Dave69700 for helping with this guide 

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