Car window mount for binoculars, scopes and cameras

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Ever stop your car to see a photo opportunity that you just cant miss.  No time to take out the tripod.
Just clamp the mount to your car window for all the support you need.
Features include a quick release plate. This means you can keep the plate on the camera all the time for fast usage. You can even get a spare plate for more than one camera or spotting scope.
A handy feature of the plate is a spring loaded video pin. No need to remove and lose it as with many tripod heads.

The large handle is easy to use. Just turn anti-clockwise to loosen.  Slacken the head  to tilt 90 degrees for  portrait photos.
A bubble level is also included.
You can also fit binoculars with the optional adapter for a small outlay.
Both items can be purchased from lincolnshire optics

Please note that this car window mount will handle 4.5kgs easily, I would not recommend this amount of weight on your window

Great addition to any gadget bag, and a super gift idea

There are cheaper window mounts out there, but they dont compare with these stats
Heavy duty
3-way head
quick release plate with optional spare available
Bubble level
Spring loaded video pin
Cool looks

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