Caravaners beware! covers not at all as advertised

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Knowing this not to be a one off and knowing some sellers are advertising these as top quality covers I just have to make fellow caravaners aware of the problems with a particular brand of caravan cover.

 I will endevour to take pictures of our Purple line breathe tec cover we purchased just 7 months ago.

As stated this cover had not been on our Caravan for 7 months before the fabric turned to powder. We mentioned the brand to a few caravan outlets and they will not touch the makers of these covers due to very low standard of materials used to make these.

 A gentleman at the same storage yard has had the same problem with these covers so please buyer beware!!!!!!

 Purpleline Breathetec covers are not suitable for the purpose they are advertised for. you pay a premium price for a product that lasts 6 months. emailing the company direct is of no use at all. Please check the cover you are buying is not Purple line they do not last and make a hel of a mess of your caravan and the dust effects athsmatics.

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